The new Outlook for Windows will arrive in 2024

  • The much-anticipated New Outlook, previously recognized as One Outlook, has officially entered its preview phase, welcoming all interested users seeking to replace their current Windows email, calendar, and contact applications. Microsoft’s deliberate approach to this release, which was initially introduced over two years ago, is indeed noteworthy. It demonstrates their dedication to delivering a top-notch application to users, and I must emphasize that I view this as a positive strategy.


Within this month or the next, Outlook will be renewed.


Recent developments within the Microsoft realm indicate that an enhanced version of Outlook will debut this August. The New Outlook has quietly been accessible for a few months to those who opted to give it a try. A simple toggle switch within the Windows Mail application is all it takes to activate this feature. Upon activation, the existing Mail app gracefully exits, making way for the revamped Outlook, previously known as “Hotmail.” Personally, though I generally lean towards web interfaces, I’ve been utilizing the new Outlook for several months and find Microsoft’s efforts commendable. However, it is important to distinguish between the earlier beta versions released a few months ago and the current preview phase, which boasts enhanced refinement and reliability.


At present, both options coexist harmoniously: the Mail, Calendar, and Contacts applications cohabiting with the preview version of the New Outlook. However, as we discussed about a month ago, Microsoft’s roadmap does not envision a prolonged coexistence of the two solutions in the medium to long term. Instead, their aspiration is for the New Outlook to seamlessly replace the Windows applications that have traditionally fulfilled these functions.


So, when can we expect this transition? According to a report from Bleeping Computer, Microsoft is poised to commence the migration to the New Outlook as early as next month, August. This migration process is projected to conclude by the close of 2024, barring unforeseen alterations. Consequently, Microsoft will allocate just under a year and a half for users to transition smoothly, with a balanced tempo that avoids haste yet doesn’t prolong the coexistence unnecessarily.


“Windows Mail and Calendar apps are giving way to the innovative New Outlook for Windows. Support for Windows Mail and Calendar apps will be phased out by the close of 2024. The New Outlook for Windows enhances productivity and empowers users with inbox management. We are enthused about the forthcoming enhancements that will offer users outstanding productivity features, such as Microsoft Loop, message reminders, and insightful suggestions for recipients and attachments during email composition, also introduces additional means to maintain control, including seamless email-to-task conversion, integration of work hours and locations, message pinning and snoozing, and a plethora of other capabilities.”


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