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Epic Systems is a global software corporation that has made significant modifications in the hospital and other healthcare systems overall. It specializes in various sorts of healthcare software and how these specific tools and software are used in patient welfare. The company was founded in 1979 in Wisconsin, USA. Over the years, because of the quality and effectiveness of its products, it has become one of the most widely spread healthcare software companies. 

Epic Products:

After getting to know about the company, now we will be discussing some of the products that this company has made over the years and how they are used. After that, we will be able to better understand what Epic Certified Consultants are and what they do.

Epic EHR: 

The main product of Epic systems that are used globally nowadays is the Epic Electronic Health Record System. The Epic EHR is a highly efficient system that can be used to manage and sort patient data like never seen or heard of before. It has provided healthcare institutions with the tools to better deal with the problems of our age. This health record software is used to manage patient records, billing records, appointment schedules, and much more.

Epic Business Intelligence:

This is also another major product of Epic Systems. There are various databases and tools available that are used by Epic Certified Consultants to make fact-based interpretations and derive from them the best business results. They make you able to get a better understanding of how you can get the best business decisions.  

What are Epic Certified Consultants?

As mentioned above, there are many epic tools and databases available which you have to use to get the results that you need. These tools are complicated and you need professional training to get some expertise. Epic-certified consultants are those people who have a firm grip over these tools. There are many different sorts of epic-certified consultants according to the area in which they specialize. We will get into that in just a while.

Epic-certified consultants are needed in any hospital, research institution, or private clinic that has implemented Epic systems to monitor their patient data. They provide you with the hands-on advice that you need o operate the EHR system. Whether you need records documentation, data analysis, or anything else, epic-certified consultants are what you need. Now getting back to the specific fields that these consultants specialize in, we have:

  • Epic Certified Trainers
  • Epic Certified Analysts 
  • Epic Certified Managers 
  • Epic Certified Developers

These are the specific fields that these epic-certified consultants specialize in. Epic Systems offers this training in gives certification to those that have become proficient in handling these Epic tools and can implement EHRs in various healthcare institutions.

There are various stages of this Epic Consultant training and as you get more and more expertise with these tools, you get into more advanced stages of this training. Once you complete this training and have passed the final exam, you then receive certification from Epic and only then you can work as an Epic Certified Consultant.  

What does an Epic Certified Consultant do?

As we have talked about earlier that the Epic Healthcare Record System has several tools like Clarity, Radar, Workbench, etc. An Epic Certified Consultant should be an expert in these tools. He has to work on all the modules and a certification is necessary for it. Even, for securing a job at Epic, you require an Epic certificate along with your experience and skills. 

Epic-certified consultants work in alignment with the EHR system. They make the record and reporting system of Epic smoother. Some of the duties performed by them are as follows: 

  • Keeping a record of patients’ data.
  • Maintaining all the rules and regulations of Epic.
  • Documenting all the collected data in a report form.
  • Being punctual in offering his duties and submitting the work on time.
  • Networking with other people at Epic.
  • Keep an eye on the changing technology and implement them in Epic.
  • Keep an eye on the overall performance of all the modules of Epic and access them.

Furthermore, Epic Certified Consultants have to work in collaboration with the Epic administration. They are in contact with the stakeholders and other clients to finalize their work and submit it on time. 

How much an Average Epic Certified Consultant can earn?

Epic is a renowned healthcare company all over the world. The Epic Certified Consultants are experts in all the Epic tools so they earn a good amount of money. An Average Epic consultant can have about $350 each day after working for 8 hours. It makes a total of about $9,000 each month. This is the average salary of a moderate-level Epic Certified consultant in the United States of America. 

When we look for experienced employees, they can earn $75 each hour. It makes a total of around $15,000 per month. For getting a job at Epic, first, you need to build your resume, learn skills, go through the whole process of training, and get the certification.

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