Tote Bags- Where to Use and What Outfits to Match With?

There is a saying, “A woman keeps her complete world in her bag”. Whenever there is a discussion about big bags, tote bags are the center of attraction. They are big, stylish and most significantly, they are the latest style statement. Totes are fundamentally large bags that can keep different things inside them and are normally manufactured of powerful material. Apart from that, you can get a variety of tote bags online where you can get the best bag to match your outfit and situation.


Just being fashionable is not much enough, but being able to fit all your things should be a top concern when considering the best tote bag. Here are some conditions in which a tote can save your whole day without any pressure of where and how to keep all your essential belongings.


Vacation is the period every mom looks forward to, visiting different places, dressing up in their favorite clothes, going shopping, and much more. Additionally, for new born babies, moms can keep essential items like diapers and bottles in a tote bag. For stylish and practical nappy tote bags, try this website. So, tote bags are ideal for these outings. Whenever you want to leave your hotel room and travel throughout, all you need to do is pack your bag with all the belongings and get going! Also, for more prints and options, you can browse a variety of tote bags online now!


An office is a location that needs you to get it all. The tote bag is considered the best if you require carrying different things to the office on a regular basis. You can put a laptop in the laptop section and keep the charger together with it. In the big segment, you can keep your lunch box and a water bottle without thinking much about space. Rather than that, you can keep a small purse to manage all your money or cards, as well as a mobile charger. On the side pockets, you can put a few pens, a pocket diary, or keys. And lastly, if you are somebody who uses makeup, you can keep a few lipsticks and compact for the touch-up, along with tissues and wipes in a small pocket.

A Beach Day

As much as visiting the beach signifies an appealing breeze, sunbathing, and a flowy dress, it also shows more mess, water, and running here and there. On a day prepared like this, you require a bag that can bring all your summer things in it. You can keep all the things in your side tote bag. Keys and wallets are a no-brainer, definitely; other than that, your beach hat, SPF, sunglasses, pair of clothes, and water because keeping yourself hydrated is very important!



A sleepover signifies a pajama party, popcorn, Netflix, and much laughter. And for a remarkable night out, you also need a lot of things to carry with you. A tote bag can fix it all without needing any extra bag. You can also keep your home keys and wallets in a corner; apart from that, you may carry an extra pair of clothes and PJs, and what if there is a spontaneous outing plan? Thus, you need a pair of adorable dresses, your contact lenses, a makeup pouch and a mobile phone along. Do not worry; you can keep it all in and have fun at your girls’ night to the fullest. If you have an enormous love for these bags, then do not miss a chance to see a huge collection of tote bags online.


Sometimes you just want to go out with your best pals, not to a restaurant or for an outing, but to a picnic. For that kind of day, tote bags stay super beneficial. Those days are gone when individuals carried picnic baskets all over and fairly who even wished to bring an additional heavy box full of things in any way. So, in that condition, you can keep a bag complete with chips, a bottle of water, your sandwich lunch box, a piece of cloth that you can spread and sit over it, and, most importantly, your SPF and sunglasses in your tote bag!


Every time there is a foreign trip planned, all of the suitcases are occupied with the essentials and large stuff. But what about the luggage to carry in hand? Each airline permits a few kilos of hand essentials for you to keep all the small things. In that hand-tote bag for luggage, you can keep your wallet, mobile charger, passport, visa, shades, wallet, and maybe a magazine. If your flight gets late, you do not want to just sit there at the airport and get tired for the upcoming few hours, right?

What clothes can a tote bag be matched with?

A large collection of tote bags online can be matched with many outfits to develop different styles and appearances that will not be left unnoticed. Amid the prevailing looks that can be developed with these bags are as follows:

  1. With a tote bag matched with jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer, you can attain the best look for an office day or a casual meeting.
  2. To know what a tote bag is, jeans can be adorned with white or black basics to get simple looks, where the statement piece that stands out is your tote bag.
  3. Accessories with animal prints let you improve any look, and additionally, the prints on a tote bag can go with any cloth. A leopard tote bag can be an effective option because it will stylise even the most normal looks.
  1. One of the latest trends that show what a tote bag is, is generally to fold it as if it was a handbag; all in all, the material is adjustable, and they will help in implementing this style.


We hope that with this post, you will be sure to take your tote bag when you go shopping, at work or follow your exercise routine at the gym. So if you don’t have one, NovoShoes AU offers different models of tote bags online. Do not wait any more, just visit their catalog.

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