Top 10 Tips to Find the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner

What does a Salesforce Consulting partner do? And how to find and choose the right solution partner? This blog includes all the answers. 

The Salesforce marketplace is becoming a buzzword indeed! 

With companies worth 150,000 taking use of the powerful CRM platform, it is sure that you must try integrating Salesforce into your business to acquire better leads, enhance productivity, and generate value-adding revenue altogether. 

In this guide, we will be sharing our best tips that will help you find the right Salesforce Consulting Company at ease. 

So sit back, relax, and continue reading. 

Salesforce Statistical Overview

  • By the Global Salesforce Consulting Service Market survey, the platform is the fastest-growing CRM system that is projected to obtain $32 billion in revenue by the end of 2023 and is expected to increase in size by 2026.
  • Salesforce includes 200,000 certified experts that make the Salesforce development landscape more innovative and growth-oriented. 
  • The success ratio of driving a successful Salesforce app development project is 70%. The remaining 30% fail due to improper implementation strategies or hiring the wrong Salesforce developers. 

What are the hiring essentials while looking for a CRM Solution Partner?

  • While planning to recruit a solution partner, the very first thing to keep in mind is redefining the core purpose of including Salesforce services in your business. 
  • Once you know why? It’s time to do thorough research on the companies along with their expertise, testimonials, count of projects worked on, etc. 
  • Reach out to clients who have worked with the company. You can do this via LinkedIn, or any other available platforms. 
  • Run down cost estimations and see if the company fits the criteria. 
  • Ask for a demo or free trial plan to understand how they work and finally make your decision. 

This was just a few initial steps. Let’s explore the top 10 tips in detail below.

What are the tips for finding the right Salesforce Consulting Company?

1. Know a Company’s Expertise & Level of Certification

One of the top criteria while finding a Salesforce development company is knowing what they know and how well they can execute your curated app project ideas. 

To confirm that the collaborator is suitable enough, you know to demonstrate their experience and how many certifications they acquire in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

If these match your needs, get going and contact them for a transparent interaction. 

2. How well do they know the Salesforce Industry 

This particular segment involves: 

  • Challenges and solutions after that 
  • Trends and technologies
  • The thought process while creating a project strategy
  • Does the company provide custom development solutions

All of these determine how well a company understands the market needs and how effectively they integrate their expertise into your business. 

3. Customization Flexibility

Every business works differently so it is evident that the company you choose must understand the intricacies of customization flexibility. 

Incepting a business idea can be tough, it requires many twists and turns before finalizing the actual product and launching it. Now imagine if the company you hire jeopardizes your years of hard work. Not feeling good right?

The hired Salesforce development company must follow the rules of customization so that your business workflow, automation, and feature integration are seamlessly done. 

Take help from a Salesforce consultant to better comprehend your true platform potential and give the best-in-class CRM system adjacent to your unique business proposition. 

4. Data Migration & Integration Solution 

Indeed it’s a huge challenge to manage, migrate and integrate all the user data simultaneously. Therefore, you need a process that is easy and simple to implement. For this, you definitely need to hire top-notch Salesforce Consulting Services that are well-versed in various integration verticals, such as APIs, data roadmap, cleansing approaches, etc. 

Data migration and integration work best to exclude the repercussions of data inconsistencies while ensuring a smooth Salesforce implementation. 

5. Improved Management Strategies

Even though you’re an established firm, certain changes and improvements are required to adapt to the competitive landscape. A well-defined Salesforce consultant provides the latest management strategies such as training programs or efficient user interaction practicalities. 

This will help you remain competitive and evergreen while enabling you to reach a wider audience span. And of course, generate more revenue and profits for the business. 

6. Ongoing Support & Maintenance 

Even if your app is all equipped with Salesforce tools and techniques, the job is just not it. There should be someone monitoring and looking after all the functionalities running behind the application. 

Therefore, hire a company who promises to give end-to-end support and maintenance service models with additional features and techniques for the ultimate user experience. 

7. Scalability and Business Growth

Salesforce implementation should change and expand along with your business. Choose a Salesforce consulting company that can meet your future scalability goals and needs. They ought to be fully aware of Salesforce’s scalability options and offer suggestions for a scalable design. 

Just prevent possible bottlenecks and the need for future system overhauls by properly planning for future expansion. You will be guided through growing your Salesforce deployment to correspond with your organization’s development trajectory by a forward-thinking Salesforce consulting service. 

8. References and Testimonials

Request client references and testimonials from the prospective Salesforce consulting firm since they might be useful indicators of competency. To learn more about their perspectives and the firm’s strengths and flaws, get in touch with these sources. 

Inquire in detail about the project management, communication, knowledge, and general level of satisfaction. You may determine whether the Salesforce consulting company is a good fit for your business by reading these testimonials, which offer insightful firsthand information. 

9. Business Culture Alignment

Collaboration and teamwork with the Salesforce consulting business are necessary for a successful Salesforce deployment. Examine whether or not they align with the culture and values of your business. 

A Salesforce consulting company that is compatible with your culture will be better able to comprehend your company’s objectives, interact with your staff, and promote collaboration. 

Additionally, they ought to be open to suggestions and have a client-centric mindset to guarantee that your particular requirements and preferences are satisfied throughout the partnership. 

10. Pricing and Contractual Agreements

Finally, think about the Salesforce consulting company’s price policy and contract terms. Make sure their price is in line with your budget and offers a transparent view of the services offered. 

Examine the contract in detail, taking into account the project schedule, the deliverables, and any potential added expenses. Establish clear guidelines for who owns modifications and data. 

The foundation for an effective partnership with the Salesforce consulting company will be laid by a clear and mutually beneficial contractual agreement, which will also assist prevent any misunderstandings or future disputes. 


Making the best pick of a Salesforce consulting company is an important option that may have a big influence on how well you adopt Salesforce. You may make a well-informed choice that is more in line with the requirements and objectives of your firm when you take into account these 10 crucial aspects.  

DianApps has a team of qualified experts on hand to help you and is aware of the challenges presented by Salesforce. They can assist you in maximizing the advantages of Salesforce and advancing your organization thanks to our knowledge and dedication to providing customized solutions. Go on a revolutionary journey to Salesforce greatness by selecting DianApps as your Salesforce consulting partner. 

When decision-making the best Salesforce consulting company, do not settle for anything less than quality. 


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