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Today, privacy and security have become two of the major concerns for people across the world. To avoid issues relating to security and privacy, you certainly need to learn the smartest way to keep your data private, secure, and confidential. One effective way to do this is by trying your best to always send protected text messages to your friends, family members, or business associates.

But why exactly do secure & private text messages matter? What exactly is the best way to send secure messages in 2023? Read on to get answers to these messaging security-related questions.

Here’s exactly why secure text messages & notes matter today

According to some people, using encrypted or secure text messages is only for spies and criminals looking to hide their conversations. While this is partially true, you need to understand that the protection of data is for everyone. Keeping your data and information protected is important to prevent bad people from taking advantage of them for their selfish use. Here are a few top reasons why using protected text is important:


  • Imagine you have plans to go on vacation in the coming days and you need to inform some people. The best way to do this is by sending secure text messages to avoid alerting criminals, who can attack your home when you’re away.


  • Who doesn’t like to send personal messages during a romantic relationship? Imagine sending something private only to end up getting into the wrong hand. This mistake may cause issues in your relationship or attract blackmail. Well, with the right third-party secure message app, such as Tornote.io, you can always avoid these issues. This web app will help you send secure and self-destructive text, which only the intended recipient will have access to.


  • With secure text messages, you can always prevent your data from getting into the hands of scammers. This way, you’ll be able to avoid being a victim of different email phishing schemes.


  • Keeping your texts, notes, or even files protected can also help your business. It’ll prevent your competitors from knowing what you’re up to in terms of your upcoming products.

What is the best way to send secure text in 2023?

Well, there are tons of effective ways to send protected texts and notes in 2023. Some people believe using iMessage or Android Message is the best. However, we won’t agree with this because using these apps is only effective for Android to Android users with encryption settings enabled or iMessage to iMessage users.


To keep your private text secured, the best option we’ll advise you to go for is the use of third-party messaging apps, such as Tornote.io. With this third-party web app, all you need is to generate a link with only a main key. This link will only be accessed by the person, in which you’re looking to send the secure message. As soon as the person views the message, the link will automatically expire and become unavailable. The Tornote secure text-sending web app is specially designed to support all major devices, including Android and iOS.



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