Electronic Charging Stations – A Green Investment

The ever-rising pollution level in the country has been an alarming situation with every passing year. The air quality is being harmed, which has a massive impact and raises health concerns among the country’s citizens. The rising use of vehicles has been a primary source of harmful smoke emissions. Keeping these concerns in mind, the government has introduced the use of electric vehicles which run on a charge. The mission is to reduce the air pollution being caused and less usage of petrol and diesel vehicles within the cities. One can easily notice charging station franchise India, majorly in cities undergoing smart city projects and capital regions of the country. The charge station is more like petrol pumps, or most are accommodated with petrol pumps because, as per the Government of India, installing the charge station is completely unlicensed across the country. The only concern is that the station must meet the standards of the Ministry of Power of India.

There are different electric charging station franchise in India, but they are not commonly visible in fewer parts of the country. The gradual increase is visible monthly since the investment criterion is manageable and ranges between 1 lakh to 10 lakh Rupees in most Indian states. Various measures are considered, including company standards, power output, handling charges, and setup charges which vary for different franchises. The basic requirements for opening a charge station, such as parking space vehicles, local certifications, efficient civil work, proximity to a transformer, and connection to any renewable source in case the transformer is not available, are essential. The investment is feasible and can be considered a green investment to reduce air pollution and the usage of vehicles that depend on petroleum and diesel. 

There are several benefits of investing in an electric charge station, and a few of them are as follows: –

  • Rapid Increase in Demand – people’s dependency on petroleum and diesel vehicles is shifting to electric cars, specifically in metropolitans. This, in turn, is raising the demand for several electric charge stations to make them readily available, affordable, and time-saving. So setting up charging stations can be a revenue-generating asset, as are Future Electric vehicles. 
  • Manageable Cost of Investment – the investment cost of setting up a charge station is quite manageable and doesn’t require a large amount. The paperwork is also limited; the primary benefit is that it doesn’t require licensing. The setting up costs between a lakh to ten, and the requirement must meet the franchise’s standards. In addition, it will reduce range anxiety and make service readily available. 
  • Green Investment –electric vehicles are the country’s future, which is also being encouraged by the country’s government. The project has shifted from its trial stage and is expected to boom in the near future. So investing is feasible, and one can expect great returns in the future. Also, people who have already invested can see the benefits of a monopoly, making investing even more attractive. 

Thus, investing in setting up electric charge stations can help India go green and will contribute to reducing the air pollution caused by smoke emissions from petroleum vehicles. 


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