Top Tips for Renting BD Property in Dhaka

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Considering renting a property in Dhaka? Then it pays to understand what you are investing in. Here are some things to consider when renting a property. This article is brought to you by BestBari and discussed key things to look out for when renting in the wonderful city of Dhaka.

When renting a property in a busy city like Dhaka, you will find the choice quite overwhelming. As a realestate company in Bangladesh, we often speak with individuals looking to rent a property in Dhaka. While renting can be quite easy once you find the right property (which we can help with), the post-rental process can become quite confusing.

Worried you might end up in a situation you regret? Then keep the following ideas in mind to make it easier to rent without worries.

What to look out for when renting a flat for sale in Dhaka

Find out what your complete costs are

While your rental is part of the cost of your property rental in Dhaka, you also need to factor in other expenses. Energy costs, taxation, and other costs can all soon add up. Find out what kind of bills and additional charges are included in the rental price. This makes it easier for you to determine if the property you are considering renting will be economically viable for you moving forward.

Make sure maintenance is agreed beforehand

While most Dhaka landlords will provide maintenance for the property as part of the agreement, only some providers do so. At least, not without you asking for it. Make sure that you have a deal that any maintenance/upkeep of the property is not your cost unless you are the individual who was at fault for the damage being caused in the first place.

Find out what your rental agreement is

Most rental contracts will come with a term of agreement. This will let you know how long you have the property at that rate. At the end of that contract, your landlord can increase the rent (or decrease it) and change the terms of the agreement. This also means that you are locked into this property until the duration of the contract ends. Please make sure you understand the terms of the arrangement beforehand.

What are your travel options?

Another factor to consider is how you will get around the city. For example, are you going to be driving? If so, would you happen to have a parking space? This should be something you pay close attention to. At the same time, you should make sure that you can access public transportation nearby if you need this instead. Make sure you are not renting a Dhaka flat in the middle of nowhere!

What about the local amenities?

By the same token, you do not want to find that you need to travel for a large period of time each day to reach the store or your work. Make sure that you have looked closely into the location; what kind of amenities are available? Will you be able to get about your daily tasks without having to pay an excessive amount towards transport? Is the property worth travelling that extra distance each day?

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