The Safest Way to Carry Money While Traveling: A Guide for the Budget-Minded Traveler

Minded Traveler

Traveling around is fun, but how to carry money will always be a concern. One of the most important things to think about when traveling is managing your cash. Maintaining your financial security becomes essential, particularly when visiting a foreign country. There are numerous ways to carry money while traveling. BFC Payment has introduced BFC Pay’s Travel Buddy in Bahrain, the best multi-currency platinum travel card. This multi-currency card is your passport to a hassle-free experience across 150+ countries because it can store more than 12 different currencies. However, This blog will help you figure out the best and most convenient ways to carry money while traveling overseas.


Cash is one emergency fund that you may always carry when you are traveling, although all the other digital payment choices have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should have cash on hand for at least 5% of your entire vacation expenditure. For little transactions like bus fares or supermarket purchases, cash is useful. Small business owners and independent cab drivers also prefer cash transactions. In fact, you should consider packing the most cash possible only if your plan covers unusual locations like small towns and villages in a foreign nation. However, carrying too much cash puts you in danger at times.

Credit and Debit Cards

Given that you must already have a global debit or credit card, these are the most practical choices to include in your trip fund. Yet, using only a debit or credit card might be expensive since each transaction is subject to a foreign transaction fee and a conversion fee. By using a card with a low or no transaction fee, more money can be saved. You can tokenize and link your BFC Pay Card with any other Debit or Credit Card using the BFC online bill payment App. It also has an e-wallet that you may use to quickly add money using your current Debit, Credit, or Prepaid Card.

The Travelers Cheque

They can be bought in defined amounts and are traded for goods and services. A major benefit of being able to convert money into traveler’s checks is that they can be canceled right away if they are lost or stolen. A traveler’s check is another type of pre-paid cash that can be used as a backup if there are no working ATMs nearby when traveling. The main disadvantage is that there are additional fees associated with both purchasing them and exchanging them for foreign currency.

Digital Platforms

Digital platforms are the easiest way to carry money while going on an overseas trip. The BFC Bahrain has developed the BFC’s Pay app, a payment method and digital wallet that can handle a variety of financial transactions, including sending money internationally. However, the internet can be your enemy at times while using a digital platform to transfer money. So we will not be able to rely entirely on digital platforms.

Travel Cards

Prepaid travel cards are smartcards that can be loaded with cash before a trip. They function similarly to debit or credit cards, but there are some important variations. They can be used to make purchases at stores, reservations at restaurants, etc. Prepaid travel cards can be a fantastic alternative if you’re traveling to a foreign nation and want to avoid paying high conversion costs because they typically have lower rates than ordinary credit or debit cards. BFC Payment Bahrain has introduced BFC Pay Travel Buddy, the ideal multi-currency platinum travel card for overseas visitors and online shoppers. This multi-currency card is your ticket to a hassle-free travel experience across 150+ countries because it can store up to 12 different currencies.


Technology advancements have made it easier than ever to pack cash when going overseas. Because credit and debit cards are so widely accepted, digital payments have emerged as the standard and best way to carry cash when traveling. Travelers benefit in a variety of ways from carrying digital currency. Although having some cash on hand for travel expenses might be useful, It’s best to have a travel card that is safe and practical and doesn’t impose any markup fees for foreign exchange. Pickpockets and tourist scammers are more likely to target you if you have cash on you.

BFC Pay Travel Buddy Card Bahrain is an excellent option if you’re searching for a safe and secure way to carry cash while you’re on a trip. A travel card like BFC Pays Travel Buddy stands out as the best travel companion for a budget-minded traveler when it comes to the safest way to carry money while traveling. It offers a dependable and effective way to control your cash while traveling the world with its ease, security, and budget management capabilities. So if you want to travel with confidence and peace of mind, consider using BFC Pay’s Travel Buddy as your travel card before your next vacation. Travel safely!

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