Weathering The Storm: How Davinci Roofs Offer Superior Protection

The first line of defense you could have from harsh weather conditions when you are inside your house is a sturdy roof. Your roof protects you from the rain and ensures that those ferocious storms threatening your peace of mind are kept at bay.

Seeing as the roof is arguably the most critical structure in any house, you’d be surprised to know that very few people think about roof brands and designs when setting up their roofs. Quite unfortunate, right?

From all the roof brands and models you could find in the market, Davinci Roofs have repeatedly proven its rightful place as the premium type of roof you could ever buy. But don’t take only our word for it. Here are just a few ways the Davinci Roods guarantee optimum protection for your house!

Davinci Roofs Are The King Of Durability

If there is one thing no one ever wants to have to repair in any house, it is the roof. Any roof worth its salt should last long enough to provide the best service, and Davinci Roofs have mastered this craft. One of the reasons why Davinci Roofs last as long as they do (around 50 years for most models) is the materials used when making them.

The primary material used in making a Davinci Roof is virgin resins. When someone mentions virgin resins, you might not appreciate the significance of such a statement until you realize that virgin resins are all natural roof ingredients from crude oil, natural gas, and petrochemical feedstock.

That means you can expect your roof to have the kind of endurance of crude oil beneath the earth’s surface.

The Roofs Offer Protection From Strong Winds And Harsh Sunlight

Anytime someone says they have a roof over their heads, they are talking about the protection they get from the elements. You would agree that a roof that does not provide the best protection from harsh weather conditions is not worth having, right? That is why Davinci Roofs always meet the bar regarding superior roofs.

For starters, the typical Davinci Roof has high UV-resistant material embedded into its structure. Whenever the sun turns its regular heat on, you can be sure to enjoy the cool shade under a Davinci Roof since the roof reflects all UV rays away.

As if that is not enough, Davinci Roofs also have an elaborate intertwined structure that offers strong wind resistance up to 110 mph. Isn’t that entirely something?

Keep Regular Fires At Bay With A Davinci Roof

In the unfortunate event that a house catches fire, the roof provides kindling that makes the fire roar even higher. This is because the materials used are always conducive to spreading the fire. Davinci Roofs are the exact opposite when it comes to such situations.

Since Davinci Roofs have fire-resistant materials in their structure, instead of providing extra fuel for the fire to spread, they inhibit any further fire spread. Most of the roof models Davinci Roofs provide have a Class A Fire Rating, the highest possible rating for fire resistance. You will thank yourself when you have such a roof if you are ever in a home fire.

Sustainability Is The New Trend

For people who depend on the earth for our sheer existence, we rarely ever think about our environment when making decisions on what roofing materials to buy.

As you would expect, this is to our loss since our natural resources are declining due to constant but unnecessary exploitation. Luckily, using Davinci Roofs can help us in our plight towards environmental conservation.

Davinci Roofs are the most sustainable roofing option for two main reasons. First, the material that forms the basic structure for all Davinci Roofs is biodegradable and sustainable.

This means that even in the unlikely event that you might need to dispose of the roof, it will not create an environmental hazard. Similarly, the roof is sourced from a perfectly natural material, as discussed above.

Secondly, Davinci Roofs are highly durable. You won’t have to spend a lot of resources on getting roof replacements and disposing of the ones you already have. Even when you dispose of them, the roof is made from entirely recyclable material, which you can repurpose for anything when you have to replace it.

Beauty With Functionality

No matter how much we pretend to be rational beings, we all enjoy some vanity here and there. When looking for one to install in your new home, you want a beautiful roof. If that is your case, then you should opt for Davinci Roofs.

Davinci Roofs offer more than eight types of natural shades, all of which mimic a cedar tree’s authentic and natural roof. These shades are all compatible with a great variety of different kinds of house designs, including modern and vintage looks.

You can be confident that your house will have an amalgamation of aesthetically pleasing designs alongside the functionality of a highly durable roof.

Wrapping Up

When looking for a roof, you must balance function, looks, and environmental preservation. Having these three attributes in a single roof is a hard find. That is why you should not take it for granted that you have Davinci Roofs to sweeten the deal. The next time you want a roof for your house, get Davinci Roofs and enjoy superior protection!

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