Best companies that provide virtual phone numbers for small businesses

Best companies that provide virtual phone numbers for small businesses

Virtual phone numbers are good because they do not tie your number to a physical location. Virtual numbers are popular not only among regular users but also among small business owners. This way of providing office connectivity is for those who want to connect communication at an affordable price and the most affordable rates

Virtual numbers allow you to connect not only local numbers, but if you want to expand your business, you can also connect foreign numbers. There are many companies to connect virtual number for business services. They not only provide virtual number connection services but also add many more services like call recording, call forwarding, voice answering machine. We have ranked the best phone companies.


  1. Nextiva is the best phone service for business in terms of features, ease of use and connectivity. Nextiva’s VOIP phone service for small business includes advanced call routing, unlimited free domestic calls, and the ability to send voicemail to email.

With Nextiva, the user gets a free local number, free number portability, and other features such as caller ID, call forwarding, routing, custom greetings, interactive voice response, and more. Pricing for Nextiva’s business phone service starts at $18.95 per user per month. Prices get cheaper as the number of users increases. 


  1. The next company we will look at is RingCentral. This is a popular phone service for businesses of all sizes. Their platform includes all the standard business calling features, including unlimited calls, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting and transfer, SMS messaging, visual voicemail, and more.

The plans also include screen-sharing video calls, team messaging, 1,000 free minutes, and integration with Dropbox, Microsoft, and other services. Plans start at $19.99 per month per user, and you can add up to 10 users.


  1. In third place in our ranking is GrassHopper. This company offers virtual phone numbers via voice over internet protocol, and it’s great for sole proprietors and small businesses. With GrassHopper, you can forward calls to any phone number or mobile device. 

GrassHopper has a clear web version and mobile app to manage your account and account. The company comes with all the standard features like call forwarding, music for call hold, voicemail for email transcription, and more. The plans start at $29.99 per month for 1 user. You can increase the number of users and add multiple local phone numbers in more expensive plans.


  1. The fourth place in our ranking is taken by eVoice. It is the best virtual phone number company that also provides online faxing service at an affordable price. 

eVoice serves customers through an app that allows users to answer and direct calls, activate a 24/7 answering service, and purchase a virtual number from another country to reach customers anywhere. Costs start at $12.99 per month. 


  1. Last in our ranking is GoToConnect. This is a virtual phone company that focuses on providing connectivity to individual industries. The features that GoToConnect provides include voice and video calling, has hardware to provide connectivity such as phones and headsets, and a mobile app for businesses.


GoToConnect also features IP telephony and communication functions, generates real-time call reports. IT departments are provided with a single dashboard to manage the UCC solution. GoToConnect pricing starts at $29.95 per user per month.

To summarize, there are many companies and virtual services to connect your office to a virtual phone number. Companies vary in the features and services they provide, from online faxing to providing your entire office with telephony with automatic call answering. You should choose a company based on the size of your business and future development plans.

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