How to use social media to sell a home?

Practically anything can be sold on social media design , so why not homes? No matter how well-maintained your home is, or whether it isin a prime location, getting a home sold can take months. Using the power of social media and Real Estate Branding, you can get your home off the block with a handsome profit, if you do things the right way.

In this post, we’ll see how to use the power of social media to sell your home.

Target the right keywords

What would you search for if you were looking to buy a home? Put your feet in the buyers’ shoes and check for keywords they are most likely to search. For example, ‘apartments in Queens’, or ‘homes in Manhattan’ would elicit a strong response. Your marketing campaign has to be based on keyword research that is relevant to your property.

Create a microsite on WordPress

This gives buyers a genuine reason to trust your intentions. When you make a microsite on WordPress, you help people understand the property and give genuine buyers a reason to contact you. Besides, it helps your property to be found by genuine buyers online.

Create a marketing campaign on all social media platforms

When pitching to prospective buyers, you should not leave any stone unturned. Just creating a microsite on WordPress isn’t enough, you will need to create listings on all social media websites and online listing platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, FSBO, and other real estate listing platforms like racerxonline.

That’s not all, you will need to create marketing content like blogs, videos, and images that go with the listing. If you want to get your property sold as soon as possible, you will need to create interest amongst potential buyers of the same.

Collaborate for a focused personal effort

You cannot just assume you know how to sell your home. You will need the experience of your real estate agent, the marketing skills of your digital marketer, and your personal experience of the place to sell your home.

For example, you could collaborate to make a video stating why your neighborhood is ideal for families or why young people should consider shifting here for the various amenities and entertainment sources available in the vicinity.

Post (and reply) regularly online

Creating the listing is one-half; the next step would be to post content regularly on these platforms to entice potential buyers to view the home. You could post about local events, concerts, and local organizations that could interest people.

That’s not all, you also have to reply to comments on these posts. This will show people you are serious about selling your property and those interested would show their willingness to visit.

In fact, you can also schedule a home showing online, helping you garner interest from prospective buyers.

This isn’t a one-man show

Remember, marketing your property for sale is not a one-off job, you will have to consult with a digital marketer or Real Estate Consulting Firm to help you with this. Each one would bring their expertise to the table, and your collective work will show when you manage to sell the property at a markup that is more than the local average.

Additionally, you will have to give your best when it comes to marketing the property.


Selling a home may take much more time than expected. To speed up the process, social media can be a great way to spread the word. In fact, you can get a tidy profit if you collaborate well with a real estate agent and a digital marketer who’ll help you sell the property.

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