Why Terracotta Roof Tiles Are The Right Choice For Australian Homes?

Terracotta Roof

Building a new place to call home or planning to give your roof a makeover? Not sure if terracotta roofing might be the right choice for your home? You’ve just come to the right place!

Selecting a roofing material for your home that’s both functionally and aesthetically appealing can be a tricky decision. There are so many elements that you need to consider- design practicality, weather protection, comfort, acoustic properties, durability, initial purchase cost and maintenance requirement, fire safety, etc.

Terracotta has been famous for its durability and aesthetic appeal since ancient times. In fact, terracotta tiles were not just popular in Australia, but it was one of the most liked roofing materials across the world for hundreds of years.

But that doesn’t make it irrelevant or obsolete in the modern era! With a unique blend of superior-quality materials and state-of-the-art modern production techniques, terracotta tiles Melbourne allows you to achieve long-lasting good looks.

How are terracotta tiles manufactured? 

Creating terra cotta clay tiles involves several steps to ensure they maintain the required quality and durability. 

  • First, the tile manufacturers shape the clay into tiles using extrusion, moulding, and pressing techniques. 
  • Next comes firing. However, before firing, it is crucial to allow the tiles sufficient time to dry completely. This prevents cracking and improves strength.  
  • To further enhance their durability and appearance, a special glaze is applied to the tiles. This unique glaze provides a protective finish with an attractive sheen, ensuring the tiles last for a long time. 
  • In the final step, the dried clay tiles are placed in high-temperature kilns, where they are baked to perfection, resulting in vibrant colours.

Terracotta tiles combined with solar roof vent can significantly enhance the thermal comfort of your home. 

What are the various styles of terracotta roofs?

Interlocking Clay Tiles

Interlocking clay tiles typically feature an extrusion or lip on one tile. This extended portion smoothly hooks over an edge or adjacent tile’s channel. Interlocking installation is ideal for areas experiencing heavy rain or snow.

Flat-overlapping clay tiles

Similar to shingles of slates. Flat-overlapping terracotta roof tiles stagger joints in overlapping courses.

Overlapping Pan-shaped clay tiles 

Pan terracotta tiles are designed to overlap the convex cap tiles and the concave pan or trough tiles on both sides. On the other hand, Spanish terracotta tiles Melbourne (commonly known as S-tiles) are a unique type of tile that seamlessly incorporates the cap and pan into a single unit.

Why Should You Choose Terracotta Tiles For Australian Roofs?

Long lasting durability

One of the driving factors behind the immense popularity of terracotta roof tiles is their incredible endurance. 

Typically reputed tile manufacturers will provide you with a 50-year warranty on the tiles. With proper and professional installation, you can further increase the lifespan of your roof. 

Choosing terracotta tiles in Melbourne effectively gives you half a century of reassurance that you’ll always have sturdy and reliable protection over your head. 

Reliable fire resistance

Did you know terracotta tiles come with the highest fire level rating? The stone-like superior qualities of clay tiles and advanced manufacturing techniques make them fire-resistant. 

Therefore it can help protect your home from falling ash and embers. It is always best and wise to stay prepared for unprecedented or unexpected circumstances. 

Exceptional energy efficiency 

While your roof’s primary function is to protect you and your home’s interior, it serves several other purposes. And one of them is making your house energy-efficient. 

The roofing style and material can significantly affect thermal comfort. Therefore thermal performance is a vital factor for consideration when choosing roofing materials. Your choice of roofing material will indirectly impact your energy bills.

Crafted from dense material with good heat retention capabilities, terracotta roof tiles offer exceptional thermal performance. This can translate into a reduction in energy expenditure required to heat and cool your home. 

Terracotta roof tiles, along with solar roof vent, not only help to minimise your monthly energy bills. It’ll also minimise greenhouse gas production or your carbon footprint.

You can also boost the energy efficiency of terracotta roof tiles by incorporating increased insulation, selecting a lighter roof and exterior wall colour to reflect the heat and leveraging passive solar principles within your home’s design. 

Good sound reduction quality 

The spattering of light rain on a metal roof might seem romantic. However, during torrential downpours or severe hailstorms, the immense noise can be an unpleasant experience. 

Especially if you’re trying to read, watch your favourite show on the television or have a conversation. 

Apart from weather-related noise, external sounds such as traffic, aircraft, and trains can also impinge upon your personal serenity. These unwanted sounds can even get in the way of having a good night’s sleep.

High-quality terracotta roof tiles usually feature a sound reduction potential of 30 decibels. This ensures that your home and private space remain the tranquil sanctuary that it should be.

Low maintenance requirements

One of the most enticing factors of terracotta roof tiles is that once they’re professionally installed, they’ve minimal maintenance requirements for the complete lifetime of your house.

In cases a specific section or area requires alteration or repair, you easily remove and replace the required tiles affecting the entire integrity of the roof. 

This makes any repairs and maintenance, wherever necessary – a much quicker and cost-effective endeavour. 

Which Is a Better Choice: Terracotta Or Concrete?

While both terracotta and concrete roof tiles offer several benefits, terracotta is often considered a superior choice: This is because: 

  • Terracotta roof tiles embody a better visual appeal. You can instantly inject a rustic or Mediterranean charm when you install concrete roof tiles. 
  • Terracotta offers better thermal insulation and is more energy-efficient than concrete. 
  • Terracotta tiles feature a greater lifespan than concrete tiles. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re building a new home in Australia or renovating an existing one, terracotta tiles Melbourne are a fantastic choice. They will protect your home and also enhance your property’s overall appeal. Connect with a reputed roofing specialist today!





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