Improve Your Spreadsheets By Using Checkboxes Excel Vs. WPS Office Comparison

Spreadsheets can be a valuable instrument for organizing data and analysis. Using checkboxes, they can elevate their capabilities to a new level. Checkboxes allow users to select options to automate tasks and improve data validation in spreadsheet cells. In this post, we’ll examine how Excel and WPS Office, two popular spreadsheet software, deal with checkboxes and then compare their features to help you determine which one is the best.

Part 1: What Is Wps Office And Excel Feature

WPS Office: 

WPS Office is a complete office suite created by Kingsoft, which provides a robust alternative to traditional office software. It comes with Word Processing as a component, dubbed WPS Writer, as well as the presentation component, WPS Presentation and a spreadsheet application known as WPS Spreadsheets or Pdf editing. 

The suite is compatible with various platforms and features like advanced formats, tools for collaboration document encryption, templates with multimedia support, and real-time editing capabilities.


Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet program designed in collaboration with Microsoft and is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Excel is extensively utilized for data management analysis, calculation, and organization. 

Excel provides various formulas and functions that allow data visualization via graphs and charts, data validation and conditional formatting. It also permits automation through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and provides easy integration to different Microsoft Office applications.

Part 2: Understanding Checkboxes in Excel and WPS Office

Alt tag : Checkboxes in Excel and WPS Office

Checkboxes in Excel

Insert checkbox in excel, as included in Microsoft Office Suite, offers various options for incorporating checkboxes in your worksheets. Checkboxes are accessible via Excel’s “Form Controls” or “ActiveX Controls” menus, allowing you to choose between standard checkboxes or more interactive ones with additional features.

WPS Office Checkboxes: 

WPS Office is a complete office suite designed by Kingsoft that offers the same checkbox functions as Excel. Checkboxes can be found in the “Form” tab in the “insert multiple rows in excel” menu, allowing easy spreadsheet integration.

Part 3: Comparison of Features: Both Excel and WPS Office

Alt tag : checkboxes Comparison of Features

  1. The ease of inserting Ease of Insertion: Both Excel and WPS Office offer user-friendly ways to add checkboxes. Excel users can choose from various checkboxes that have been designed, while WPS Office provides a selection of standard checkboxes. Both applications simplify the process of insertion and are easily accessible.
  2. Options for Customization: Excel stands out with advanced customisation options for checkboxes. You can modify properties like the size, colour, and words associated with the checkbox. However, WPS Office offers fewer options for customization. However, it can still meet commonly-used requirements.
  3. Data Validation: Data validation is vital to ensure that spreadsheets are error-free. Excel lets users link checkboxes to specific data validation rules, making it more efficient in ensuring that data accuracy is maintained. WPS Office also supports data validation. However, it could require additional configuration.
  4. Automated Capabilities in Excel: WPS Office lacks VBA support and is, therefore, unable to automate; however, it allows basic automation with built-in features.
  5. Compatibility and Cross-Platform Support Excel has an advantage in this field due to its broad usage and compatibility with many operating systems. Although WPS Office offers cross-platform support, users could face issues with compatibility when sharing spreadsheets that predominantly utilize Excel.


Checkboxes can be a valuable tool to enhance the functionality of spreadsheets, and both Excel along with WPS Office provide options to use them effectively. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application thanks to its extensive customisation and automation capabilities. 

At the final point, choosing between Excel or WPS Office will depend on your personal preferences, requirements specific to you, and budgetary considerations. No matter which option you select, including checkboxes in spreadsheets will surely increase efficiency, speedier processes, and better data management.



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