8 Worthwhile Home Improvements when Trying to Sell Your Property

8 Worthwhile Home Improvements when Trying to Sell Your Property

Your home may be your favourite place on earth, but if it’s time to sell you have to make sure others can imagine it becoming their refuge too. Unfortunately, they may not have the same taste and preferences as you do. So, what can you do to make your house more buyer-friendly? 


Improve the View from the Outside

Any estate agent will tell you that kerb appeal is a must-have for any house sale. And we’re not only talking about tidying up the garden or making sure the postbox is straight. That’s a good start, but if you have some impressive features that optimise the use of the property, it’s even better. For example, with folding arm awnings Melbourne locals can make the best of the warm climate.

Fixtures like these help block the sun so it doesn’t heat up the inside AND you can sit in their shade if you want to enjoy fresh air.

Or perhaps you know pivot arm awnings will give your home some character while helping to manage light but also privacy. On a busy street, pivot arm awnings Melbourne homeowners install become a valuable tool to improve their lifestyle. And if you add such a feature so your buyers don’t have to do it themselves, they’ll appreciate the functionality and beauty of the property. 

And this they’ll be able to determine even before they step inside!


Bathroom and Kitchen Changes

Once they’re inside though, buyers usually head straight for the kitchen, since this is a room they’ll use on a daily basis. It’s also the hub where the family spends time together, so people want to know it’s practical and comfortable to use. For this reason, upgrades like adding modern hardware on cupboards or installing a new appliance is usually a sound investment before advertising your home. 

Similar rules apply to the bathroom. Again, fixtures that have a more modern look can impress buyers and ensure them they’re not buying an outdated property. It’s even valuable to renovate bathrooms and install modern basins or create the popular wet room effect.

However, do discuss your plans with an expert such as an architect or estate agent. Determine if your changes will justify pushing up the selling price, so you have some returns on the investment. If not, rather let the next owners make big changes themselves. 


Add More Storage

Buyers also appreciate having lots of storage, so if you can convert unused spaces into cupboards or a storeroom, it will be a selling point. Make sure the changes won’t make the room feel cramped or cluttered though. 

Some suggestions to consider:

  • Cupboards or bookcases in the nook under the stairs
  • Add a shelf above your top kitchen cabinets
  • Put shelving on unused wall space


Basements, Patios and Attics

Apart from storage space, see if you can create an entirely new room. No, you don’t have to build a new structure! You can simply upgrade your patio, an attic or basement. That instantly changes the numbers of your real estate advertisement, since you can add another bedroom or office to the description. 

For patios you may simply need to add outdoor blinds, because modern designs are robust enough to handle harsh weather conditions. For attics and basements, if they’re high enough you can revamp it to impress buyers. Some tips to help you get it right:

  • Check regarding permits and staying compliant with rules related to living spaces—guidelines may require a minimum ceiling height and floor space
  • Fix air leaks and insulate properly
  • Talk to experts about ventilation, sound proofing, electrical wiring and plumbing


Smart Home Features

Another major selling point these days is being able to show off smart home features. Everyone wants them! It’s more luxurious but also sustainable.

In short, if you’ve installed some features such as automated HVAC systems, buyers will be thankful they don’t have to go through all the effort themselves. So, if you’re planning minor renovations in the kitchen or bathroom anyway, perhaps add smart features while you’re at it?


A Coat of Paint

This is your budget tip but it’s so powerful!

Buyers are always suspicious about aspects like cleanliness and how well you looked after the property. Painting the interior or exterior of the house—or both—will have it looking newer and cleaner. Fresh paint gives the idea of a clean and well-maintained home, so there’s less chance of buyers being too critical and not making an offer. 


General Maintenance and Repairs

Speaking of maintenance, you must do a thorough check on the property and get maintenance tasks up to date. From fixing leaking faucets to repairing cracked windows, those changes can make the difference between someone buying your home or not. 


Get More Light

Lastly, if you do have some cash to spend, you usually can’t go wrong by giving your rooms more light. An additional light fixture for a dark corner or even a skylight to brighten up the entrance hall can make a home seem much more inviting!


Final Thoughts 

Eight tips that can help you get a buyer quickly AND at the selling price you’re hoping for. Don’t let a buyer leave the property that could have been their happy space for years to come. A change or two can show them it’s the place they’ve been looking for!

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