7 Design Tips: How to Pick the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

7 Design Tips: How to Pick the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

One item can make or break the aesthetics and functionality of a room but often, we don’t give enough thought to the sofas we choose. You may fall in love with a piece of furniture, buy it and get it delivered. And only then do you find out it’s bulkier than you imagined or not quite the shade of blue that goes with the rug. Use our tips to spend your money wisely, love the look and enjoy sitting on your new sofa. 


Start with Dimensions

When furniture shopping for a specific room, always measure the available space and keep those figures on hand while browsing. Too big can ruin the feel and make the space less functional. For example, you need enough space when getting a recliner sofa, so you can kick back and relax without your feet being in the way or the seat not being able to recline all the way. 

Even too small a sofa is a disastrous choice, because it can look out of place in a big room. With limited seating you’ll end up spending more money on additional chairs or sofas, just to accommodate everyone who needs a place to sit.

So, first off, take out the measuring tape so you can identify which items will fit and which ones can be taken off the list. 


Who Will Use it?

Also ask yourself who will use the sofa most of the time. With furniture being functional items, you must ensure it will align with the users’ needs, or you’ll end up wasting your money, since they’ll prefer sitting somewhere else. 

Here are some examples of points to consider:

  • If the main user has allergies, only pick hypoallergenic fabrics, or invest in leather which is less likely to spark an allergic reaction. 
  • Consider the main users’ build because a shorter individual may prefer a lower seat height and different seat depth than a tall person.


What is the Sofa’s Purpose?

While talking to main users about their sofa preferences, also discuss exactly what it will be used for. Sofa manufacturers cater for various demographics and uses and add features to sofas that make certain scenarios even more comfortable and luxurious. 

For example, a sofa for a reading nook may require a matching ottoman. Also, when buying a sofa for an elderly person it may be worth investing in an electric recliner chair, since they can enjoy the benefits without ever over-exerting themselves. 

Can you see the list of must-haves coming together by asking the right sofa-buying questions?


Consider the Room Atmosphere

With a sofa often being a focal point of a living room, it’s especially important to communicate the right message, for example:

  • A soft, oversized couch tells everyone they’re welcome to come and relax. This is ideal for families or even grandparents creating a space to enjoy with their grandchildren. 
  • In an office environment you may need seating, but you also want to communicate how much you prioritise professionalism. A stylish piece containing expensive wood and leather will help you represent your brand values, even in the rooms where you meet clients. 


Therefore, pick shapes, styles and colours that will complement—not jeopardise—the effect you’re trying to create. 


Pick the Best Colour (not the Prettiest)

When out shopping, it’s normal that upholstery in your favourite colour will first catch your eye. But you must ensure the couch works for the room, not only your personal taste. 

Use the same interior design guidelines the experts use when picking out any piece of furniture or décor. For starters, stick to the colour palette of the room when choosing your sofa.

Also, colours can evoke emotions, so use the hues that help create the right atmosphere mentioned above. Did you know blue has a calming effect, while yellow is the best to create a sense of warmth? In contrast, black communicates formality and red adds excitement and energy to a room!


What’s Your Budget?

While writing down dimensions, also stipulate how much you’re willing to spend. With many manufacturers and sofa products on today’s market, you’re sure to find the right piece at the right price. There’s no need to ruin your budget just to sit comfortably—you simply need to shop like a pro and now you have all the important tips right here! 


Plan for Maintenance

While considering the cost, remember that some sofas may have maintenance expenses down the line. Fabrics may need cleaning or mechanisms may need a service. Enquire from your retailer, so you can plan for those costs and avoid furniture maintenance from becoming a nuisance later on. 


Final Thoughts

Do you have your measurements? Did you study the psychology of colours so you know which hues will be best for your room? 

Using these tips, you’ll love the sofa you pick, for its look and its usefulness. Happy shopping!

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