What does Premium Desert Safari include? 

A luxurious desert safari is without a doubt at the top of the list when looking for thrilling adventures and unique encounters. This spectacular excursion, which is tucked away in the middle of the desert, promises to take you on a charming journey through the golden dunes and offer a special combination of action-packed adventures and peaceful moments of solitude.

In this article, we’ll get you through the many facets of a top-notch premium desert safari and the thrilling extras that make it a can’t-miss experience for both adventurers and nature lovers.

Exciting Experience 

A high-end desert safari starts with a pickup from your lodging in an opulent 4×4, setting the tone for a day packed with pleasure and exploration. You’ll be mesmerized as you travel through the desert by the breathtaking vistas and the endless length of shimmering dunes that stretches as far as the eye can reach.

Dune Bashing Activity 

The heart-pounding dune bashing experience is one of the key features of a high-end desert safari. As your experienced driver negotiates the challenging terrain, your heart will race with every hairpin bend and perilous descent. Buckle up and prepare for an amazing journey. Dune-bashing is a memorable adventure thanks to its unique combination of action and natural beauty.

Eye-Catching Sunset View 

You’ll have the chance to see an incredible desert sunset as the sun starts to set. The broad, pink and orange-hued sky makes for a beautiful contrast to the golden dunes. You can fully enjoy the splendor of nature during this peaceful period and take some amazing pictures to treasure always.

Traditional Welcome 

At the desert camp, you’ll be welcomed with a cordial and customary Arabian welcome. With its traditional rugs, low tables, and cozy sofas, the campsite resembles a desert oasis. You can get a great sense of Bedouin hospitality and culture here.

Chance to Enjoy Arabian Delights 

Without enjoying the mouthwatering flavors of Arabian food, a high-end desert safari would be lacking. The typical buffet meal delivers a great gastronomic experience, with everything from succulent grilled meats to savory rice and a variety of vegetables and sweets. Additionally, enjoying a cup of cool Arabic coffee and attempting shisha (hookah) contribute to the genuine Arabian atmosphere.

Thrilling Performances 

Thrilling cultural acts bring the camp to life in the evening. Under a starlit sky, take in the pulsating rhythms of traditional Arabic music and be mesmerized by captivating belly dance performances. The dancers’ beautiful moves and colorful costumes give the desert night a magical quality.


The desert provides the perfect location for stargazing because it is far from any artificial lights. Afterwards, recline on the sand and take in the night sky, where the stars are more brilliant than you can imagine. It’s a connection to the wonders of the cosmos that is both humbling and inspirational. 

Return to Destination 

The luxury desert safari closes with a drop-off back to your lodging after a day full of adventure and wonder. You leave the desert saying goodbye while bringing with you priceless memories that will last a lifetime. 

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