Mark Hauser Highlights Effective Returns on Investments For CAVA and Dominion

Mark Hauser Highlights Effective Returns on Investments For CAVA and Dominion

Mark Hauser has long been a name in the public spotlight concerning the goings-on in the private equity sphere. Mark Hauser is the private equity investor and fund manager behind the work done at Hauser Private Equity which is based out of Cincinnati.

With more than 35 years of investing knowledge and company operating experience, Hauser has helped to lead more than $650 in capital investments through privately owned businesses across the nation as well as major industries.

Hauser was recently in the news for his work headlining a pair of investments, including the CAVA IPO and the settlement between Staple Street Group and the Dominion Voting System’s Lawsuit.


CAVA IPO Makes Waves

CAVA is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain that recently announced it was going public. As a result, the company, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, filed the appropriate paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

CAVA first hit the market in 2011 when it became known for its inspired Mediterranean menu, quickly spreading to more than 100 locations throughout the United States. Capitalizing on rapid growth within the industry, CAVA’s IPO is a chance for the company to take a significant step forward under Hauser’s guidance.

Few details are available about the decision to go public. However, the IPO will give CAVA the capital necessary to invest in further expanding its operations and enhancing its digital operating abilities. Among the additional areas of focus for Cava with their upcoming IPO are tech integration, expansion into new arenas, and a continued focus on affirming areas they are already operating within.


Dominion Lawsuit Rakes In Settlement Money

Mark Hauser and Hauser Private Equity also played a role in the settlement between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox Corporation. Dominion was acquired by Staple Street in 2018 when it purchased a 76% ownership stake in the company. Hauser Private Equity saw major returns when Dominion Voting Systems was awarded a settlement of $787.5 million.

The settlement had been fueled by contentious and defamatory fraud claims, leading Dominion Voting Systems to sue Fox Corporation. In addition to the settlement, Fox News affirmed the companies’ role in spreading false claims about Dominion machines causing voting fraud in 2020.

Mark Hauser’s connection to Staple Street began when HPE worked with the company to acquire more than $265 million in private equity. Among the major investors in the pitch were Travelers Insurance, Hauser Private Equity, and the University of Arizona’s endowment.

Hauser said of the lawsuit’s overall positive outcome, “We are very pleased with the outcome and think that Staple Street has handled the situation very well on behalf of their investors.”

Mark Hauser went on to add, “We’ve had a relationship with Staple Street since 2014 and think highly of their management team.”

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