Powder metallurgy technology plays an important role in the development of new materials

Powder metallurgy is a new process of metallurgy, and powder metallurgy is used in many industries. Powder metallurgy technology to the metallurgical industry to bring how the role of it? Many people may only understand one or two of these, but the specifics are still not very clear! No matter, this is not Harber Metal to give you the answer! Here with Harber to understand it:

Powder metallurgy products as the name implies is the powder of metal (or non-metallic powder) mixed to generate other products, generally need to go through the molding and sintering, can be used to manufacture metal materials, composite and a variety of types of products process technology. In general, powder metallurgy is similar to the production of ceramics, so a range of new powder metallurgy technologies can also be used for the preparation of ceramic materials.


Powder metallurgy has a unique chemical composition and mechanical and physical properties that cannot be obtained by traditional casting methods. The use of powder metallurgy technology can be directly made into porous, semi-dense or fully dense materials and products, such as oil-bearing bearings, gears, cams, guide rods, cutting tools, etc., is a less cutting-free process.


Due to the advantages of powder metallurgy technology, it has become the key to solving new material problems and plays a pivotal role in the development of new materials. Its use is quite wide, usually used in a variety of automobile parts, agricultural machinery parts, sewing machine parts, a variety of instrument parts and so on, because it is a one-time molding, so the quality of the product, the appearance of the product is very good, very practical.

Powder metallurgy, as we all know, is a new type of metallurgy method, Harber Metal powder to bring you to see how the metallurgy in the production of iron and steel enterprises? We all know that no matter which industry, in the process of its production there will be a waste of raw material residue phenomenon. The same in the steel production will also produce some metallurgical waste.

Steel slag: steel slag, Fe, SiO2, CaO, MgO content is high, steel slag after processing particle size distribution is uniform, metallurgical properties are better. In addition, it also contains a certain P element, P is conducive to inhibit the natural pulverization of sintered ore. Steel slag can be added to the mixed ore as sintered raw materials, both to reduce costs, but also to improve the quality of sintered ore.

The reasons for the emergence of waste residue and matters needing attention. In today’s society advocating environmental protection and conservation, no waste is the production standard generation we all have to implement, please remember that waste is shameful oh! Therefore, the emergence of powder metallurgy holding technology has brought great benefits to our industrial sector. Please choose Harber Metal as the best supplier of powder metallurgy products.

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