6 Trendy And Fashionable Ways For Women To Style Ritu Kumar Dresses

Ritu Kumar is a well-known name in the fashion industry, and its dresses are one of a kind. Ritu Kumar dresses bring you some of the best ethnic wear that makes you feel elegant and classy. When you find the right outfit, you can embrace how these dresses make you feel and carry it gracefully.

However, learning how to style your dress is imperative if you want to keep up with the ongoing trends of the fashion world. And when it comes to dressing up Ritu Kumar dresses, you can style it in innumerable ways. Try some of the below-given tricks to style your Ritu Kumar dresses and make them extraordinary. 

Simple Tricks to Transform Your Ritu Kumar Dresses

Some of the best tricks that you can utilise to transform any Ritu Kumar dresses are the following:

  • Be Specific about the Prints and Colours

All the Ritu Kumar dresses come in a variety of colours and tones. When you are purchasing any of them, what you need to ascertain is that you choose the right print that will suit any kind of occasion. If you want something luxurious and elegant, go with pastel tones. However, if you want something sophisticated and simple, you can go with the amazing fall colours showcased in Ritu Kumar dresses.

Irrespective of the colour you wear, you must ascertain that the colour and tone suit you. However, muted shades and pastels are the best choices if you are specifically going for daywear. 

  • Layer it Up

One of the best things you can do to add some interesting elements and tones to your ethnic wear is to layer them. Adding a third layer to your ordinary Ritu Kumar kurti can elevate your appearance. If you want something bold, wear sheer net capes over your dress. It will give your dress some character while making it look unique.

So, to gain such a look, buy some trending Ritu Kumar dresses. Once you have bought many dresses you like, you can style them any way you want.

  • High Slits

When you purchase Ritu Kumar dresses, you can find various options with slits of different sizes. Getting high slits is not only trendy and timeless, but they also make you look elegant and classy. You can purchase lengthy kurtas with double or single front slits. 

High slits will not only make you look beautiful, but they also make you look tall. You can even pair your kurtis with palazzos or cigarette pants. 

  • Replace your Churidar with Palazzo

One of the important parts of your Ritu Kumar dresses is the pants you pair them with. If you decide to wear your kurti or dress with the age-old churidar, then it might not look or feel as extraordinary as you can make it to be. Instead, you can pair your Ritu Kumar dress with either cigarette pants or a palazzo.

Cigarette pants are the ones that are loose around the thighs but become more fitted as they come to your calf. However, these pants are usually to your ankles and cannot be found in longer lengths. 

You can pair any dress with cropped cigarette pants or a palazzo to make it look great. But you need to be focused on the coordination since too much contrast between your top and bottom may not look good either.

  • Make a Statement

When you want to make your Ritu Kumar dresses stylish, it’s not always important to go after a specific top or pair it with a particular pant. However, what you can do instead is use statement jewellery. With the variety of jewellery, adding a traditional flare to your ethnic wear can make it look beautiful. 

But at the same time, do not go crazy with the jewels. Because no matter what statement piece you are wearing, it is necessary to consider the occasion for which you are wearing it. Adding one statement piece to your outfit can be enough for most occasions. Hence, you can keep one piece of good jewellery to tie your outfit together.

  • Go for a Nude Makeup

If you purchase a colourful and loud Ritu Kumar dress, it is better to go with fresh, dewy makeup. Having dewy or nude makeup is always classy. But alongside this, you also need to focus on how you do your hair. When you have a beautiful, elegant dress, you do not have to go over the top with your hair, nails, or makeup. Instead, going the minimalistic way will keep the attention focused on your appearance. 


Before you start styling your dresses, the first thing that you must do is go ahead and buy Ritu Kumar dresses that you live in the first glance. Getting the right dress is the key to looking good. If you don’t have the best dress in the right fit, you might not feel as good, no matter how you style it. However, you will be stylish and confident when your dress is right, along with your makeup, nails, and hair. 


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