A Complete Bedroom Makeover Guide

A bedroom is a sleep sanctuary and the best place to relax, unwind, and recharge. So it is necessary to have an environment that promotes and reflects the style to create a peaceful ambience. If your bedroom is not such a place, a makeover is essential to transform it into a sleep haven of beauty and tranquilly. Whether you want a makeover or are collecting ideas for it, the below bedroom makeover guide will help you revamp from the planning stage to the execution stage to create the space of your dreams.


Create a Vision

Before you start your bedroom makeover, create a vision of what you want in your space. Take some time to consider the ambience you want to create and the personal touch you want to incorporate. Are you more inclined towards a rustic or traditional feel or a modern and sleek look? Or do you prefer to have a tranquil bedroom with a minimalistic style? Depending on the answers, you can look for inspiration for your bedroom on websites, social media, magazines, and more. You can also make a mood board to record your desired style and aesthetic.


Plan as per Available Space

When working on a makeover plan, you have to spare a thought for the functionality the room offers. Then you should create a space that is as versatile as possible. This is especially true if you are doing a makeover of a spare room or a guest room. If you plan to use this as a study or home office, you should incorporate things accordingly. Make a list of functions the room serves and then decide on the things to add. For instance, to turn your spare bedroom into a home office, add extra storage. Or if the room is going to be used by extended family, then it is nice to have a sleek wardrobe for them to arrange their clothes and feel welcome. Whatever you do with the room, ensure that it is used to its full potential.



A bedroom that is messy and cluttered does not give off the peaceful vibe that you want to create. So one of the important things to do before the makeover is to declutter, remove all the unwanted things, and organise the room. Sort out the items in your room and get rid of belongings that are no longer in use or needed. Have designated storage for things like books, clothes, accessories, etc. Install a comfortable bed with storage along with other functional storage options like shelves, baskets, modern ottomans, etc. to organise and keep your bedroom tidy.


Repair or Restore

Budget for a few repairs and restoration works in your makeover project. Most rooms will have hidden or known problems, and this is the best time to get to them. It can be replacing windows that leak water when it rains. Or the door may need replacement, or having the door hung differently may give you more space. Whatever the repair or restoration work, this is the best time to get it done so that it prevents issues in the future. So budget for these repairs. Yes, they take up a lot of money and time, but if you want a successful makeover and a polished look, this needs to be part of the plan.


Choose the Right Colour Scheme

Once you have completed all the hard work of planning the makeover, and repairing and restoring the room, it is now time to spend time on the fun aspects of a makeover, the actual decorating. Colours play a huge role in the ambience and mood of your bedroom. Choose a scheme that is in line with the vision you have for the bedroom. To have a soothing and calm space, choose pastels, or soft and neutral tones like whites and beiges. If you want an ambience that is energetic and bold, vibrant colours are a great choice. Look to add accents to add interest and depth to your bedroom design. Look for hues that create a peaceful environment and also resonate with your taste.


Add Proper Lighting

It is critical to add proper lighting to transform the mood of your bedroom and elevate the overall ambience. A combination of lighting types should be incorporated into your bedroom during the makeover. Install overhead light hangings at the centre of the ceiling for overall illumination and wall scones or bedside lamps for softer lighting. To control the light intensity, add dimmers to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Add a touch of personality and style to your bedroom by including a statement chandelier, string lights, or other such decorative lighting.



Check your existing furniture and find out if the pieces need updating or replacement. Pick furniture that complements the style of your bedroom and also offers functionality. Consider the layout and size of your bedroom when picking furniture to ensure that it not only fits the space but also allows for free movement. If possible, create a seating area by including a comfortable chair. Also, add a dressing area or a vanity for balanced arrangements that maximise practicality and aesthetics.



The bed is a statement piece of furniture in any bedroom, so it is important to create a comfortable and visually appealing sleeping space. Apart from the bed, invest in a high-quality mattress and bedding. That includes plush pillows, cosy divots, soft sheets, and more. Look for textures and fabrics that are in line with the theme and style that you have created for your bedroom. Be it luxurious velvet for elegance or crisp cotton for a modern and clean look, there are many choices available. Include layers of comfort by adding throws, decorative pillows, and patterned rugs to create an inviting and warm atmosphere.


The final thing to do in your makeover is to add personalisation and finishing touches. That ensures the space you have created feels like your own. With the above ideas handy, you are now ready for a bedroom renovation. Happy bedroom makeover!





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