Steps to successfully remove unauthorized sellers from your Amazon listings

As an Amazon seller, one of the biggest challenges you may face is dealing with unauthorized sellers who are selling your products without your permission. Not only does this impact your brand reputation and customer trust, but it can also lead to lost sales and increased competition. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to successfully remove unauthorized sellers from your Amazon listings with the assistance of service providers like  AMZ Watchdog. Additionally, In this article, we will outline five effective strategies to help you protect your brand and regain control over your listings.

  1. Monitor Your Listings


The first step in effectively dealing with unauthorized sellers is to monitor your Amazon listings regularly. By keeping a close eye on your product pages, you can quickly identify any unauthorized sellers who are attempting to sell your products. This can be done manually by periodically checking your listings or by using automated monitoring tools that can alert you whenever a new seller appears on your listings.


  1. Investigate the Unauthorized Sellers


Once you have identified unauthorized sellers on your listings, the next step is to investigate them thoroughly. This will help you gather information about their identity, location, and business practices. Start by examining their seller profiles and feedback ratings to get an idea of their reputation and track record.


  1. Send Cease and Desist Letters


Once you have gathered enough information about the unauthorized sellers, it’s time to take action. Start by sending them a cease and desist letter, either through Amazon’s messaging system or via email. Clearly state that they are selling your products without authorization and demand that they immediately stop doing so.


  1. Report Unauthorized Sellers to Amazon


If the unauthorized sellers do not respond to your cease and desist letters or continue to sell your products, it’s time to escalate the issue to Amazon. Amazon takes intellectual property rights seriously and has strict policies in place to protect sellers from unauthorized sellers. Submit a detailed report to Amazon, clearly outlining the issue and providing evidence of your ownership of the brand and products.


  1. Utilize Amazon’s Brand Registry Program


One of the most effective ways to combat unauthorized sellers on Amazon is by enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. This program allows brand owners to take more control over their listings and provides additional tools and resources for brand protection.¬†


By enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program, brand owners gain the power to fight against unauthorized sellers on the platform. This program empowers them with the ability to exercise greater control over their listings, ensuring that only genuine products are being sold under their brand name. With access to a range of additional tools and resources, brand owners can actively monitor and protect their brand against infringement, counterfeiting, and unauthorized reselling. This program serves as a valuable asset in preserving brand integrity, enhancing customer trust, and ultimately improving sales performance on Amazon.



Dealing with unauthorized sellers on Amazon can be challenging, but by following these five steps, you can successfully remove them from your listings and protect your brand. Regularly monitor your listings, investigate unauthorized sellers, send cease and desist letters, report sellers to Amazon, and utilize Amazon’s Brand Registry Program to take back control over your listings and ensure the integrity of your brand.

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