Overview of WS-C2960S-48TD-L

The WS-C2960S-48TD-L is a Cisco Catalyst switch model designed for network deployments that require advanced features and high-performance capabilities. Hence, here are some key details about the WS-C2960S-48TD-L:

Important Features About WS-C2960S-48TD-L

Port Configuration:

The switch offers 48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports, providing ample connectivity for devices such as computers, servers, and network appliances.

Uplink Connectivity:

It also includes two Gigabit Ethernet SFP uplink ports, allowing for high-speed connections to other switches, routers, or network devices.

Enhanced Security:

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches offer security features such as Access Control Lists (ACLs), DHCP Snooping, and Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI), helping to protect the network from unauthorized access and attacks.

Energy Efficiency:

This switch incorporates Cisco’s EnergyWise technology, which allows you to monitor and control power consumption, resulting in energy savings and reduced operating costs.

Quality of Service (QoS):

The WS-C2960S-48TD-L supports QoS features to prioritize network traffic, ensuring that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and minimizing latency.

Scalability and Performance:

With a forwarding rate of up to 101.2 million packets per second (Mpps) and a switching capacity of 176 Gbps, the WS-C2960S-48TD-L offers high-performance switching and the ability to handle bandwidth-intensive applications.

Reliability and Durability:

The WS-C2960S-48TD-L is built with Cisco’s renowned quality and reliability, ensuring continuous operation and minimal downtime for your network.

WS-C2960S-48TD-L Is Best To Meet Your Demands

The WS-C2960S-48TD-L switch is a reliable and feature-rich solution. So, it can meet the demands of various network environments, from small to medium-sized businesses to enterprise deployments. Therefore, its robust performance, advanced features, and scalability make it a versatile choice for building efficient and secure networks.

We Have Original WS-C2960S-48TD-L In Stock

That’s great to hear! Having the original WS-C2960S-48TD-L switch in stock means that you can provide customers with a genuine and reliable networking solution. Being an authorized reseller or having access to original products ensures that customers receive authentic Cisco products with all the associated benefits. Hence, it includes warranties and support. Also, it demonstrates your commitment to offering high-quality networking equipment. Moreover, with the WS-C2960S-48TD-L in stock, you can fulfill customer orders promptly and help them meet their network infrastructure needs efficiently.

Contact Us Today To Buy A WS-C2960S-48TD-L Switch!

We would be delighted to assist you with purchasing a switch. So, please provide us with your contact information, and our sales team will reach out to you promptly. It will contact you back to discuss your requirements and guide you through the purchasing process. Hence, you can expect a personalized and professional experience as we help you find the right switch for your needs. Lastly, thank you for considering us as your trusted partner for networking solutions. 

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