Best Movies to Watch When You Feel Sad


If you’ve been feeling down these past few days, we got you. Sometimes, you feel sad without any reason, and you may think that everything is pointless. It is a disease of the mind, and we understand the way you feel because almost every one of us is touched by that feeling one way or another.


Maybe you are seeing others advancing in life, and your life seems to be stuck there. Or you may have lingering feelings from a broken relationship, and you are yet to sort it out. There can be practically a plethora of reasons to feel sad, and that’s okay because it is time you can know more about yourself.


Because who thinks about themselves when they’re elated, right? It is when you feel sad that you start to introspect and realize the way you have been living. But instead of wallowing in self-hate, let’s advance a step further and start to divert your mind by watching some movies to lift up your spirits.


The study suggests that watching others happy can increase your mood to some extent. And if you’re a movie binger, then watching these movies are a piece of cake for you. So here we are, with the best movies to watch when you feel sad. But keep in mind that you can watch some of these movies exclusively on Hulu, so you may need a VPN for Hulu to unblock if you don’t live in the US territories. Let us share the movie with you:

Nomadland (2020)

First, Nomadland is an effective movie that tells the story of Fern, a lone ranger. She embarks on an adventure not to have fun but to discover her true self. When Fern drastically loses her husband and her well-paying corporate job, she sets out to find what’s meaningful to her while voyaging the West of America in a travel van.


Nomadland is a great reminder of a human-to-human relationship, but at the same time, it shows us that there is a charm in simplicity. This movie is a great watch when you’re feeling down because there’s perfect mention of the importance of human connection and the loss of such a relationship.


Titanic (1997)

We all know the Titanic ship that faced a tragic end in 1912. The movie is a live-action reenactment of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The movie hosts a genre of epic romantic drama. This movie is a reminder of love through the characters Jack and Rose and their legendary love story.


Titanic also serves the themes of societal expectations and class differences. There’s situational irony as well. Therefore, it depicts the frailty of life. When you watch it while you’re feeling sad, the movie may make you a bit sadder, but you will cherish the power of love and the significance of remembering the remaining memories we humans can make. The sole remembrance of such an idea can bring you some sort of happiness.


I, Tonya (2017)

I, Tonya, is a dark comedy with a hint of drama that revolves around the non-fictional story of Tonya Hardin. It is a movie packed with the difficulties that Tonya faces in her life. You can witness the terrible incident that involved her rival, which brought her down. But ultimately, Tonya is a resilient and determined person, and Margot Robbie impeccably performs the character.


The movie shows the power of the human spirit, and Margot’s capability to advance even under big obstacles is the movie’s highlight. If you watch this movie while you’re sad, the perfect mixture of humor and tragedy will make you feel motivated and happier.


The Notebook (2004)

A timeless romantic movie, The Notebook is the most famous movie based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel. This is a good time if you haven’t watched this film yet. This heart-warming romance movie is a reminder that memories are what remains of a person, even if everything falls apart.


The movie is about two lovers, Noah and Allie, who, despite many differences, keep getting pulled toward each other because of their intense feelings of love. The Notebook essentially serves as a solace to people feeling down that the power of love is immensely stronger than their despair. That the connection we build with other people can change lives and that true love will always stand straight as a sturdy pole under a strong wind storm.


About Time (2013)

About Time is a movie that will leave you smiling until the rolling ends. It is a heartwarming mixture of comedy and romance, with a bit of time travel. Rom-com lovers will love watching this movie because it tells the story of Tim as he discovers that the men in his family have the power to travel in time.


Tim, of course, utilizes this power to find his true love, which comes to him after a bit of struggle. You should add this movie to your watchlist and stream when you’re sad because it serves as a reminder that it is super important to find joy in the simplicity of life and embrace every imperfection. Is Disney Plus better than Netflix?



These movies are not limited to watching ‘only when you’re sad’ because you can watch these cheerful movies anytime. But whenever you do, do give us feedback because we would love to hear from you. Happy watching!

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