What is the maximum stay on an Umrah visa?

There are different visa types available for pilgrims traveling to Makkah with their Umrah packages from across the globe. Yet, obtaining a valid visa remains an essential part of the holy pilgrimage without which entry to the kingdom might be denied. 

As per the instructions of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, the policies related to Hajj and Umrah travel were eased. Therefore, pilgrims can now travel to Umrah by obtaining specific Umrah visas as well as opting for the holy rituals of the minor pilgrimage on their tourist visas, business visas, and family visas to the kingdom.

What is the validity of the Umrah visa?

The validity of a visa obtained for Umrah rituals depends upon several factors. Such as;

  • The rules and regulations set by the country issuing the visa. 
  • Your travel region.
  • Type of visa.
  • Number of visits.
  • Seasonality.

Validity of an Umrah visa.

When you apply for an Umrah visa for your pilgrimage travel, the maximum stay granted for a pilgrim on an Umrah visa is 30 days. However, it’s important to understand the actual validity of a visa once you arrive in e kingdom is of two weeks only. 

In other words, a pilgrim has to arrive in Makkah, offer the holy rituals, and depart exactly on the 15th day from his/her arrival date. The validity of extra 15 days is given to cover for any travel delays or compensate for flight cancellations that might happen. 

So, a departure from the kingdom must be on the 15th day from your arrival date after the performance of holy rituals. 

Umrah permits on different visa types.

There are a variety of visa types that Muslims traveling from specific regions can obtain and opt for Umrah rituals on it as well.

  • Tourist Visa.

Tourist visas can be obtained by travellers from specific countries. They are available both through e-services as well as visa-on-arrival facilities. The validity of a tourist visa to the kingdom is up to 90 days per visit. Therefore, the actual validity can range from 30 days to one year (under multiple entries). 

Muslims traveling to the region with their tourist visas are allowed to offer Umrah rituals as well by obtaining Umrah permits beforehand.  

  • Family Visa.

If a Muslim traveling to Saudia Arabia has family members residing there and wants to join them, a family visa can be obtained. The actual validity of a family visa depends on;

  • The purpose of your visit.
  • The sponsorship status. 

Generally, these visa types are valid from 90 days to one year (extensions are applicable).

Therefore, if you are traveling to Saudia Arabia on a family visa, you can offer Umrah rituals on it as well.

  • Business Visa.

For all business-related purposes i.e., conferences, investments, meetings, or commercial activities, one can attain a business visa. The validity of such visas ranges from 30 days to one year for multiple entries. 

Muslims on a business visa to the Kingdom can opt for Umrah rituals without any legal restrictions in this regard.

Overstaying your visa.

Pilgrims are advised to strictly adhere to the visa regulations imposed on them and ensure their timely departure from the kingdom. Consult to the Trusted Umrah Travel Agency because they include the return flights in the Umrah Package. You have to reach to the mentioned airport on the time. This is because overstaying your visa is a criminal offense that can not only result in hefty fines and detention but also could lead to future travel complications to the country and legal prosecutions. 

Since the visa rules and regulations are constantly changing, it’s advised for the pilgrims to stay updated by consulting the nearest Saudi Arabian embassy/consulate or referring to official government sources to get the latest information prior to their departure. 

You can also get in touch with your Umrah travel agent and obtain all the information regarding the different visa types valid for pilgrimage travel along with their specific validity periods.

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