5 Most Scenic Road Trip in the USA

Whether you are all about the cityscape or more into the wilderness landscapes, the beauty of the road trip is such that it lets you experience both on your own terms. Surely you can make as many stops as you can or go as fast as you wish
(within the speed limit of course) if you are the one behind the wheel. Here are some of the most breathtaking routes to take traveling across the USA to make the whole experience of driving better.

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway is the road to explore the western coast of the country. Apart from the typical landscapes of beaches and palms, it can offer a lot of rocky coastlines, majestic redwood forests, and some stunning bridges. Pay particular attention to 17-mile Drive. It goes around the Monterey Peninsula and provides the perfect place to watch the sunset over the ocean. Besides, check out Bixby Creek Bridge is a little more than 100 miles away from San Francisco and it looks amazing, totally worth the drive.


U.S.1 Florida Keys

If you want to see the highway stretching over the ocean, consider taking a 120-mile long road through the islands of Florida Keys. It lets you enjoy the sights of multiple lighthouses, interspersed with beautiful coral reefs and beautiful views of the ocean. There is 7 Mile Bridge, which is one of the longest in the world. Florida is a paradise for holiday-makers. There are lots of water activities to try and plenty of beach bars to visit. As this highway incorporates more than 40 bridges, you ought to consider rental exotic cars to make the whole experience more unusual. Exotic cars for rent can sometimes be on a more expensive side, but usually, there are more available to choose from. 


The Hana Highway

While traveling to Hawaii, make sure to drive along the Hana Highway. This highway winds along the coast of Maui and offers some of the most stunning views. It is a relatively short drive, but it is advisable to spend a night there, not to rush through it all. It also has a great number of sights and beautiful spots along the way. If you rent exotic cars, make a stop at Twin Falls and Kaumahina State Wayside Park. Honomanu Bay is the perfect Instagrammable place to get a photo, but make sure to get 4×4 as the way down there can be tricky. 


Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

Chicago is the city to visit if you want to enjoy the wonderful wildlife and amazing varied architecture. If you are going to get exotic rental cars, plan a trip along Lake Michigan. This is one of the best ways to truly take in the beauty of urban Chicago. You can choose to start from Chicago or spend the night there. Some of the top attractions are Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Willis Tower Sky Deck, etc.

What is more, you can go further and circle the lake. It is the only of the Great Lakes that is fully on the territory of the USA. There are plenty of beautiful beaches along the shore, the largest freshwater dunes in the world, and the third-longest suspension bridge. Sleeping Bear Dunes are a fun and unusual place to stop at. It is quite entertaining for the whole family, plus the stunning place to watch the sunset.


State Route 12 in Utah

Also known as Scenic Byway 12, Utah State Route 12 winds through the stunning red rocks of Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon. There are few entry points and this route is definitely not the fastest one to the destination, but all these drawbacks take the second place to the beauty of nature you are about to witness. This byway lets you get to many national parks, like Bryce Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Anasazi State Park Museum, Kodachrome Basin, etc. The whole way can take at most about three or four hours, but it is such a unique opportunity to enjoy the sheer beauty of the rocky landscape and marvel at some of the most wonderful rock formations, so you might like to make a few stops and spend a day or more there.


Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

 Trail Ridge Road going through the Rocky Mountains can rise as high as 12000 feet and has been dubbed the highest road that is fully paved. It is the best way to observe the Rocky Mountains National Park. What is more, you can encounter quite a lot of wildlife, such as elk and deer, to name just a few. This route goes along the Continental Divide and can make you feel a part of history. 

To recap, the road goes through some mountains and tricky landscape, and gains much elevation, so make sure that you are skilled enough of a driver and have a proper vehicle. Exotic rental cars can normally drive such cars. Double check the weather forecast prior to your trip to avoid getting snowed in, and make sure that you are comfortable driving in such meteorological conditions.

Richardson Highway

If you are into something more exotic and unusual, try driving along the Richardson Highway in Alaska. This route is the first highway in the state and it goes through some of the most marvelous natural landscapes. It can actually take quite a lot of time compared to some of the aforementioned road trips as it is about an 8-hour drive. Stop at Valdez Glacier Lake to see an iceberg, or take a cruise to observe some glaciers, to make the trip even more memorable.

On the whole, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so it is only up for you to choose the best route for your travel. The USA has plenty to offer in terms of natural beauty and you can find pretty much all types of landscapes here. Be sure to properly plan your trip to make the most of it.  

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