Duplicate Nikahnama & Computerized Marriage Certificate 2023 Process

A computerized marriage certificate is an official document that serves as proof of marriage in Pakistan. However, there are instances when individuals need to obtain a duplicate copy of their computerized marriage certificate. This article aims to provide guidance on the process of obtaining a duplicate certificate and highlight the importance of Nikahnama registration in Pakistan.

Importance of Nikahnama Registration:

The Nikahnama, or marriage contract, is a fundamental document in the context of marriage in Pakistan. It holds legal significance and establishes the rights and responsibilities of both spouses. Registering the Nikahnama is crucial for the following reasons:

Legal Validity: The registration of the Nikahnama ensures that the marriage is legally recognized by the government. It provides proof of a valid and lawful union.

Protection of Rights: The Nikahnama contains essential details regarding the marriage, including the names of the spouses, witnesses, and terms and conditions agreed upon during the marriage. By registering the Nikahnama, the rights of both spouses are protected under the law.

Documentation for Legal Proceedings: A registered Nikahnama is often required in legal proceedings, such as divorce, inheritance, or child custody cases. It serves as evidence of the marital relationship and can help resolve legal disputes.

Immigration and Visa Applications: A registered Nikahnama is necessary when applying for visas or immigration to foreign countries. It validates the marital status of the applicant and provides evidence of the spousal relationship.

Procedure for Obtaining a Duplicate Computerized Marriage Certificate:

If you need to obtain a duplicate computerized marriage certificate, follow these steps:

Visit the Union Council:

Contact the Union Council where your marriage was registered. This is the local government body responsible for maintaining marriage records. Inquire about their specific requirements for obtaining a duplicate certificate.

Gather Required Documents:

Typically, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Application Form: Obtain the application form from the Union Council and fill it out accurately.
  2. Copy of Nikahnama: Provide a copy of the original Nikahnama, if available. If not, provide any other supporting documentation related to your marriage, such as a marriage certificate issued by a religious authority.
  3. c. Identification Documents: Submit copies of the identification documents of both spouses, such as their national identity cards or passports.

Pay the Fee:

Pay the prescribed fee for the issuance of a duplicate computerized marriage certificate. The fee amount may vary depending on the Union Council’s policy.

Verification and Processing:

The Union Council will verify the provided information and process your request for a duplicate certificate. This may involve checking their records and conducting necessary investigations to ensure the authenticity of the request.

Issuance of Duplicate Certificate:

Upon successful verification With Apostille, the Union Council will issue a duplicate computerized marriage certificate. It may be provided in person or sent through mail, depending on the Council’s procedure.


Obtaining a duplicate computerized marriage certificate is a straightforward process that involves contacting the Union Council where your marriage was registered. By registering the Nikahnama and obtaining a duplicate certificate, you ensure the legal validity of your marriage and protect your rights. It is important to keep your marriage documentation secure and readily accessible, as these documents play a vital role in various legal, administrative, and immigration matters throughout your marital journey.

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