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Driving has become easier nowadays. This is the 21st century and competition is at its peak. Every car manufacturing company is coming up with new features with time. The most common variation you would see is on the size of the car, the shape of the car, and the speed of the car, or might be fuel average. In the name of security, you will just receive the airbags.

Cameras that can place directly on the dashboard of the car or at any particular vehicle are termed سمارت هب 1 داش كام or simply dashboard cameras. There are different types of dashcams available at theSmartHub1 سمارت هب according to the particular needs and wants of different traffic areas and different types of drivers.

4 best dashcams 

  1. SmartHub1 داش كام 
2.            Rove R2
3.            Gramin dashcam mini 2
4.            Nextbase 622 GW


  1. SmartHub1 Dash Cam

The best front and rear dash cam. The Smarthub1 dash cam is the best choice for individuals who want to record the trip and gear view of the outside with their vehicles. The dual lens setup of this incredible dash makes it able to see everything that is happening outside.

You will be comfortable when everything outside seems to be satisfied. Graphics are unique on their own because the clear view with 4K front and 1080P gear view captures every minor detail and you will be able to see sharp and clear images outside.

You can see the clear view even at night. The touchscreen dashcam is wider so that you can easily handle it. Things would not get messed up. You will be able to record the video and see it in your free time. Evenmore, the Smarthub1 dash cam is designed to resist high weather temperatures especially in hot countries like Saudi Arabia. It supports many languages including Arabic language. SmartHub1 is well known brand in wireless cameras كاميرات مراقبة لاسلكية and smart security systems.

  1.           Rove R2

The dashcam Rove R2 is the preference of most people. It provides 4K quality and we can see the resolution up to 2160P with the help of this dashcam. The recording quality is so much good that everything is viewable in it.


The built-in GPS present in it helps you to locate the location of the vehicle anywhere it goes. This could be the best dashcam application that can be used for security purposes also.

It is well-known for its ease of use. Anyone can understand its functionality without any creating any chaos. The G system present in it helps you to keep an eye check over your vehicle.

The screen display is wide and you can change the settings without creating any mess with it. The storage capacity is good and with the wifi connection in it, you can download the 4K recorded video on your smartphone.

  1.           Garmin dashcam mini 2

The incredible mini dashcam. As the name suggests the dashcam is tiny and you can place it anywhere on your dashboard inside the car. Despite its size, the mini dash cam allows you to capture the tiny details of the video and sharp and clear video quality is in front of you with 1080P. That is fascinating.


The special quality of this mini dashcam is that you can verbally communicate with it, without touching any screen you can change the settings and see the 360 view outside the car. All of a sudden videos can be recorded without any command.

The small size of this dash cam prevents you from distracting while driving. You can place it behind the front mirror of your screen. Don’t be afraid of tough weather conditions, the Garmin dashcam wouldn’t even heat up over 140 degrees.

  1.           Next base 622 GW

Most of the YouTubers found the 622 GW dashcam to be more perfect than all the others. It obviously depends on the user’s demand but 622 GW covers most of the features that are ever demanded in the dashboard camera.

The front camera of the next base has 4K HD video quality that records 30 frames per second. Optimal higher level of 622 GW records 1440P with 60 frames per second. The rear camera records 1080p HD which records 120 frames per second. Overall the camera is giving an extremely clear view that an insect could be seen clearly in it.

Buying guide

  1. Choosing the best dashcam 

Most people see the number of cameras when choosing the best dashcam for their vehicles. But I think the most attractive feature is the quality. Having more than one camera is also important because it is necessary to see more than one view at a time.

You can also make sure that how many frames can be captured in a single second.

  1.           Knowing the importance of the dashcam

It is a universal rule that before buying anything, you must be aware that why you need the particular thing. If you are well aware about the importance of the dashcam then you might be cautious about choosing the best one. Most of the drivers think they are best at their driving but safety always comes first. Maybe you are best but the people around you might not be safe from you.

  1.           Impact of dashcams on battery

If you are not installing dashcams just because you are concerned about the battery of your vehicle, then my brother keep your head calm and remain tension free because there is not even a minor impact on the working of your battery. All the dashcams run on their power sources.


To drive carefully it is important to have 360 view of the vehicle. The person sitting inside the car would not be able to see everywhere at the same time. If there is a camera in front of the driver showing the view from all sides then it would be much safer for the driver and also for the people who are passing nearby.

Here above mention a list of dashcams, you can choose one according to your particular needs and preferences. Every dashcam has its unique qualities based on the specifications.

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