Blue World City Awami Block


The Awami block in Blue World City provides the people with a high-quality, low-cost way of life. In addition, a culture’s way of life influences the alternatives to poverty that it promotes. Therefore, it is important to select a place to live that is not only comfortable but also up to par with global standards. Investing in any one of Blue World City’s many blocks would be a wise decision. Providing a high-end living is a primary focus at Blue World City Awami Block. Awami Block real estate is so reasonably priced that people of all income levels may afford to buy their ideal home there. Its well-known tagline, “A Home for Every Family,” is reflected in the BWC Awami Block. Given that Blue World City Islamabad is the country’s first planned residential community, its creators are aiming high. In addition, Blue Group of Companies has earned enormous trust, experience, and, most importantly, the assurance of investors by remaining honest and authentic throughout its 20-year career in the real estate sector.

NOC Standing

The ‘No Objection Certificate’ is crucial. This is because the investor receives official confirmation that the land in question has passed the necessary legal muster. As a result, residents and investors need not worry about any further disruptions and problems. A fully functional and sanctioned society, Blue World City has it all. The Rawalpindi Development Authority issued the funds to the business far earlier than expected. As a result, people everywhere, including prospective investors and residents, have higher hopes and more faith than ever before. Since Blue World Awami Block is a NOC-recognized society in the end, it’s approved blocks count towards the total as well. Dated July 8, 2018, DC No. 532/10

Reimbursement Options

The Awami Block in Blue World City Islamabad is becoming increasingly popular because it has the lowest prices for your ideal home. In addition, people from all walks of life will have the opportunity to invest in the future by purchasing a home on the block. Here’s how the installments work;


The available lot dimensions are; The total cost for 3.5 Marla is 840,000, plus the booking fee of 84,000. The monthly payment, however, is only 10,500.

The entire registration fee for 4.5 Marla is 1,080,000, which includes a down payment of 87,500. In addition, the monthly payment is only Rs 9,750 and the confirmation payment is only Rs 48,750.

Keep in mind that the whole payment schedule will span 40 months. As an added bonus, the Awami Block’s exceptionally budget-friendly payment plan is attracting the attention it deserves. Possible Spot

The location of the business is almost as important as the ability to adjust payments. Investors stand to gain greatly from the developers’ careful attention to detail in regards to the Blue World City Awami Block. In addition, there are numerous highly enriching landmarks and important sites in the neighborhood.

To know more about Blue World City Map Guide 2023, feel free to contact us.


Points of Entry

Several easily accessible attractions and landmarks in the area of Awami Block include; The New Islamabad International Airport is only a 20-minute drive away.

  • The Rawalpindi Ring Road is around 5 minutes away.
  • Exactly 1 minute – M-2 Motorway between Lahore and Islamabad
  • CEPEC Route, a ten-minute drive.
  • Block Awami Distinct Qualities
  • True gated community living may be found in the Awami Block.
  • The main boulevard of this block is 280 feet wide, and it is estimated that a return on investment of 60-70% is possible.
  • Rarely do we come across such a combination of originality and stability in Pakistan’s built environment.
  • A supremely safe and secure mechanism for financial backers.
  • The Water Filtration Plant, OIC Monument, and other state-of-the-art amenities are ideal and cutting-edge.
  • It was created by the unprecedented combined efforts of BGC and IGC.

Method of Reservation

Here are the specifics on how to reserve a room at a Blue World City Awami Block, a low-priced and incredibly cost-effective lodging option: Check out the group’s main website.

  • Estate Land Marketing is the most trustworthy and seasoned company in the industry, and they can help you with anything you need.
  • Obtain a cheque or money order receipt.
  • The next step is to send everything in to the main office.
  • To confirm your reservation and verify your account information, download the society’s mobile app.
  • Required Records
  • The accompanying paperwork for the application to open a file includes; Fake CNICs
  • Two photographs, passport size


Final Receipt for Payment: One NICOP Copy

Blue World Awami Block is one of the top investment possibilities because it is a gated community that has received a full NOC approval and is a highly promising housing endeavor. Therefore, the general public and would-be investors are seizing the chance. What’s the holdup, then? Invest in the Awami Block, the smartest and most practical option. In addition, Estate Land Marketing can be reached at any time for scheduling or help.


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