Save Time and Money With Key Duplication Services

Save Time and Money With Key Duplication Services

Losing keys is never convenient, so having a spare can prevent that from happening altogether. Instead of spending both time and money at national hardware stores or home improvement chains to have them duplicated, professional locksmiths offer cost-effective key duplication services at reduced rates.

Kroger locations often offer in-store key duplication services through MinuteKey kiosks, providing copies of most residential and office keys as well as fobs.

At Spokane Guard

Have a spare key can be an invaluable lifesaver in case of key breakage, loss or theft, as it provides peace of mind that you will always be able to gain entry to your house or car even if you lock yourself out.

Locksmiths specialize in offering key duplication services. As experienced and highly-trained professionals, they can duplicate almost any type of key and upgrade it with increased security measures.

Spokane Guard Locksmith WA offering key duplication services to customers. His customers rely on him for copies for their homes, businesses and vehicles – however keeping track of all orders manually can be challenging; using professional key duplication service would make his life much simpler so that he can focus more on core business activities while improving his bottom line and providing better services to his customers.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Key Duplication Services

No matter your key duplication needs – whether that be additional keys or duplicating existing ones – there are numerous services nationwide offering key duplication. Some are in-store while others provide online options, and locksmiths also specialize in offering duplication solutions for both homes and businesses.

Walmart: Many Walmart stores provide key-cloning services through MinuteKey kiosks located in their automotive departments. These intuitive machines can clone keys in only minutes – perfect for copying house, office and mailbox keys as well as some car transponder keys (with chipped transponders).

Home Depot: Home Depot offers key duplication services in-store. They work with most major key brands such as Schlage, Yale, MiLock and Kwikset keys; however if your locks and keys are older or unique they may not be compatible with these machines and a professional locksmith should be hired instead.

Bed Bath and Beyond, Fred Meyer, Safeway and Target all offer key-copying services; additional big box stores such as Walmart offer this service as do most hardware stores as well as local privately-owned hardware stores.

We Are Certified Locksmiths

An extra key can be invaluable if you lose or get locked out. Locksmiths provide services to help address these situations, including rekeying locks and cutting keys; plus these professionals are licensed and insured so you can trust them with your home or business security.

Key duplication services can also be found at some hardware stores and large retail chains. Ace Hardware, one of the world’s largest hardware store chains, provides in-store key-cutting services for standard house and office keys; select locations also have KeyMe self-service kiosks which copy car and fob keys.

Pep Boys is another option to help with your key duplication needs, with numerous locations across the U.S. that offer hand-cut keys for your car.

Spokane Guard also provides in-store key duplication and rekeying services, working with most major key brands including Schlage, Yale, MiLock and Kwikset; however they also provide key duplication for other keys if there is an appropriate blank available. They provide these services both residentially and commercially.

We Are Licensed & Insured

Losing your keys can be a serious inconvenience, particularly if they become locked inside of your home or vehicle. Thankfully, 24-hour locksmiths are on hand to assist and can get you back inside when the unexpected occurs.

Convenience stores and hardware stores typically provide key duplication services. Most have kiosks equipped with tools to make copies of most common keys; however, not all locations may be capable of producing copies for more specialized keys such as car or key fob keys. may be best known for their Slurpees, but they also provide convenient key duplication services. Many locations feature KeyMe kiosks which can copy most house keys and some car keys; additionally they have an app to digitally store keys so they can be ordered later when copied.

We Are Available 24 Hours

Finding a dependable key copying service, whether for house keys or car keys that require programming, can be challenging. While many turn to their local hardware store for duplicated keys, often these do not work correctly due to mismatched valleys, grooves, and shoulders on the original key being duplicated when duplicating it. Instead of wasting both your time and money by trying it on their own you should consult a professional locksmith instead and have your keys copied from them instead.

Tractor Supply locations feature MinuteKey kiosks that provide fast and economical key duplication. In addition, some of these kiosks can also copy car keys or fobs.

Spokane Guard offers KeyMe kiosks that can duplicate most common house keys; these kiosks can even be found in some Menards and Ace Hardware stores. Check out my full write-up on Spokane Guard’s key duplication services for more details and a list of nearby locations.


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