Here’s Why Indian Women Should Consider Pursuing A Career In Law

  • A famous lawyer once said that people should fight for the things that they care about but it should be in such a way that others feel inspired to join the fight. 

This statement is evidently true in the context of Indian society where the compartmentalisation of roles and responsibilities and even the notion of womanhood are determined by the rulebook created by the patriarchal society. Although there has been remarkable progress in the societal notions regarding the emancipation of women, the representation of women needs to be increased in many fields of India, especially in the legal system. With the age-old outrageous conventions claiming the administrative and policy-making sector to be solely a department of men, a stronger awareness needs to be raised encouraging women to apply in these fields, including the legal function, to counter the belief. According to the statistical reports, 48.04 per cent of the Indian population comprises women which is an indication of the fact that women need to be on equal ground with men in the field of the legal profession as well.

India requires more women to take up the profession of a lawyer and be on the list of top female lawyers in India not just for their personal and professional fulfilment but also to emerge as an inspiring and exemplary figure for the young girls dreaming to join the same profession in future. To achieve this, it is rudimentary that the women equip themselves with the knowledge of the law to challenge all the gender stereotypes and the constant marginalisation to which they are subjected. Moreover, it is not just about changing society and shattering the patriarchal walls of confinement but rather taking up the legal profession to advocate for women’s rights. 

Top female lawyers in India can help other women who are battling with gender discrimination, domestic violence, and sexual harassment regardless of how progressive our society claims to have become. The women behind the curtains in certain sections of society need a strong voice that will fight for them and make sure that they get justice. Only when a woman understands the plight of the other woman and tries to bring her solid understanding of the legal system, policy-making, and other government-led large-scale initiatives can India create a robust legal framework that will be ready to provide justice and punish criminals and find a way to better deal the crime itself. 

Unpleasant it might sound but India does have a justice gap, especially concerning the access to legal support and understanding the needs of women while delivering justice. There are countless cases where the victims of marital rape, sexual harassment, or domestic violence are unable to come forth with their complaints because they do not know whom to ask for help. Often tests are improperly or inefficiently conducted which can often remind the abused of the abuses she endured. On top of this, since women grow up more or less in a patriarchal society, and considering the media being as prevalent as it is, they often chose to not disclose or be reluctant instead of coming out in public. As a result, justice and the judicial procedure may be deeply affected. Moreover, if the woman comes from a weaker financial background, then she has already lost the battle even before it begins. This justice gap can be bridged if women take up a substantial part in the legal world and usher in reforms applicable across the country and take upon themselves the responsibility of transforming society and bringing out the women who are in the shadows of ignorance and illiteracy to the mainstream society so that they can feel secure and confident to talk about their struggles.

Make a mental note of some of the inspiring Indian women who took up a career in law and made noteworthy contributions to the Indian legal system and the society at large to inspire yourself.

Cornelia Sorabjee: 

Is one of the Top female lawyers in India Every discussion regarding Indian law and order and the role of women in it is incomplete without mentioning this pioneer of women’s representation in the field of the Indian legal system. Having worked hard all her life with conviction to break the glass ceiling for every Indian woman and enter the mail-dominated courtrooms, Cornelia Sorabji persistently devoted herself to the abolition of social evils such as Sati and child marriages in India.

Violet Alva: 

Is among the Top female lawyers in India Some of the Indian conventions blasphemously believed that women can have a role in politics but that should be limited within the four walls of their household as external politics is the arena for testosterone-driven competition. These obnoxious notions were shattered when Violet Alva not only became the first female lawyer at the High Court but also the first female candidate to preside over Rajya Sabha. She proved that women can dominate the world of politics as well, both in their families as well as in the country.

More and more Indian women should recognize their potential of being the catalyst of change in society. Not only for the accomplishments and consolidation of their position in society but for every other Indian woman, they should take the pledge to put in efforts towards championing policies of equality of genders as well as demonstrate that the legal world is very much up her sleeve.

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