Unlocking the Potential of Web Development: Why Hiring an AngularJS Developer is Essential!

In today’s world, web applications sum up an enormous amount of space in the internet infrastructure. There are various frameworks used for enterprise web development, such as React JS, Vue JS, and what most developers use for feature-rich web application development, AngularJS.

The entire potential of developing a world-class website integrated with high-end functionality & features can be uncovered using AngularJS. The integral web development framework has been in the picture since 2010, when it was first developed.

Now, racing ahead to 2023, Angular has proved to be a lion on the battlefield, loaded with rich UI libraries, tools, & templates that allow for the customization of websites. The inherent architecture of AngularJS allows for easy coding, debugging, and code reusability.

But without the right tools, man, even the best tools can’t do anything on their own. A prolific AngularJS developer who understands the potential of the framework & has experience in developing a wide variety of web applications using it can do great things.

In the process you undertake to hire a dedicated AngularJS developer for your web development requirements, you’ll have to check many boxes. In this article, we’ll give you all the intel you need to hire the perfect Angular developer for your website needs.

Understanding AngularJS Development

Before considering hiring an AngularJS developer, you need to explore the key features and benefits of the framework. Once you come to terms with the true potential of AngularJS, you can use the framework to your advantage & build scalable web applications.

For starters, here are the benefits & features of using AngularJS

  • Declarative UI: The framework enables you to create modern UI designs & make easy modifications whenever necessary. By using HTML, developers can easily create several types of templates.
  • Code Reusability: Specific code with designed functionalities can be used interchangeably for building other applications & hence code reusability is facilitated.
  • Two-way Binding: The MVC architecture of AngularJS allows for the sync between model & view. Developers can easily make changes to the code & view them in real time, thus speeding development.
  • Facilitates SPA Development: Single Page Applications can be easily developed using the framework as it allows for quick page load speeds & dynamic content rendering.
  • Supported By Google: With the tech giant having developed a dynamic web development framework, you can rely on its developers to solve any of your technical problems.

Thus as you see, AngularJS is efficient at enhancing the user experience and improving the overall performance of your website when used to its best potential. The role of an AngularJS developer is crucial in building robust web applications as they determine the quality with which the development process is facilitated.

Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated AngularJS Developer

When you hire a dedicated AngularJS developer, you inherit many advantages. You can complete your web projects on time & attain your business goals. Here are some of the advantages of hiring an AngularJS developer.

Build Customized User Interfaces

With the expertise of an experienced AngularJS developer, you can develop the exact visual designs you want to showcase in your web application. Most coding is done in HTML, so developers can deploy user-centric designs that appeal to your target audience.

Deploy Best AngularJS Coding Practices

When you hire AngularJS developers with sound knowledge of HTML & JavaScript, code management & reusability techniques, they can necessitate qualitative web development. Their expertise in identifying code dependencies & separating business logic layers will help build effective websites.

Facilitate Speedy Web Development

AngularJS developers who are well versed in the MVC & MVVM architecture of the framework can use it to their advantage to facilitate the speedy development of your web applications. By separating the application into the three segments effectively & splitting the model-view layers, they can work flexibly with the code implementation.

Effective Testing

The great advantage of hiring an AngularJS mobile app developer is the prompt testing methods they’ll use to inspect your app code & rectify all possible errors. With a mix of both unit testing & integrated testing methods, the developers can carry out instant bug fixes and help ensure smooth performance.

Cost Savings and Flexibility

Expert AngularJS developers can help you save costs as they carry effective development practices incorporating code reusability & using advanced techniques such as RxJS observables. Also, they assure you the flexibility you require to pace your app development progress & complete websites on time.

Finding and Hiring a Dedicated AngularJS Developer

The process of outsourcing a skilled AngularJS developer is quite a task as the given developer must have experience in developing similar applications to your niche. The first & foremost step is to define your project requirements and expectations.

When you have a clear idea of the skill set you want from your AngularJS developer, you can set out to research & shortlist potential developers. Ideally, there are recommended & certified platforms from where you can outsource AngularJS developers.

You can hire a dedicated AngularJS developer from sites such as

  • Upwork
  • Shortlist
  • Turing
  • Toptal
  • Upstack

To find the perfect AngularJS developer, you can outsource the best talent from Moon Technolabs, a professional IT agency delivering world-class software services.

Evaluation of the technical skills & expertise of the AngularJS developer is the next step. You can prepare a round of technical questionnaires & interview the candidates to check their skills. Here’s a list of questions you can ask.

  1. Name the key components of Angular.
  2. Explain what angular directives are with specified examples.
  3. How do you conduct dependency injection?
  4. What do you mean by package.JSON file?
  5. How effective are you at building RESTful APIs?

You can also include a set of advanced questions if your project demands extensive technical knowledge. You can check their expertise in the following arena.

  • Use of methodologies such as KISS, DRY, SOLID
  • Elaboration on TypeScript features like decorators, & generic types
  • Illustriousness with automated TDD tasks

In the process, you can also analyze their communication & collaboration abilities. Having selected an AngularJs developer, the final step is to discuss the pricing & contract terms. Once they’re fine with it, you can proceed with your website development.

Ensuring Success with Your Dedicated AngularJS Developer

You might have hired a real pro for your AngularJS web development requirements, but it’s necessary to set some guidelines & principles to ensure the steady development of your project. Firstly, you’ll need to have a common platform wherein all sorts of communication can be conducted.

You must define a project management approach that’s flexible for both parties and ties them up on the same page. Milestones need to be mutually discussed & agreed upon, with timely updates posted by the AngularJS developer. Weekly meetings must be held via video-conferencing tools to get detailed reports of the development status quo of your project.

The optimum focus must be given to testing & QA procedures as you connect your line of questions with the effectiveness of the code in real situations. Having incorporated all these pointers, you can ensure the superior & qualitative development of your web applications.

Final Words!

Now that you know how to hire an AngularJS developer that’s perfect for your project requirements, you can set forth to hire the best candidate for the project. You don’t have to look further if you want the best AngularSJ developer at the convenience of your budget. Moon Technolabs has AngularJS developers of all sorts of skill sets & experience who are indebted to building world-class websites.

Reach out to us now!

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