• Key Cover for Valet

The Valet Key Card holder is one of the top Tesla Model Y accessories!

Our Tesla valet card was unfortunately misplaced by a car wash provider. Soon after, we bought The Tesla Valet Key Card Holder, one of our favourite Model Y accessories.

  • A screen protector made of tempered glass

One of the essential accessories for the Tesla Model Y that every owner should have is the tempered glass screen protector. It offers a crucial layer of defence to safeguard the touchscreen from any grit accumulation, fingerprint smudges, or scratches.


We chose a suggested Tempered Glass Screen Product from Amazon after going through a few Tesla forum discussions!


Installing the screen protector was quite simple. Everything you need is included in the set, including lint stickers, alcohol-cleaning rags, and instructional films.

  • A phone mount and a case for sunglasses

Another of our favourite Tesla Model Y accessories is the phone mount and sunglasses case.


Despite the fact that we like our Tesla Model Y, we feel that the centre console is insufficiently equipped to store your sunglasses.


This mount easily attaches to the touchscreen model Y monitor in the middle and has a secret pocket on the rear for holding your phone or sunglasses.

  • Doorstack Organiser

The COCASES velcro organiser is one of our favourite Tesla Model Y accessories. Although it is marketed as a sunglass holder, you can really use it to store any accessory, including your keys, wallet, money, pencils, and other random items you keep in your vehicle.

The organiser doesn’t seem cheap and is simple to setup.

  • Bling Door Handle

For Tesla owners who want to add a dash of glitz and elegance to their Tesla Model Y, the Top Dall Crystal Rhinestone Door Handle Cover is the ideal add-on.

  • Telsa Model Y Mattress for Sleeping

The Tesla Model Y sleeping pad mattress is your best option if you’re seeking for Tesla Model Y accessories for road trips.


It’s so much more pleasurable to go automobile camping with this memory foam mattress. The sleeping pad is constructed of premium materials and is simple to fold up and stow in any Tesla’s trunk!

  • Tesla Model Y Crystal Logo on the front and back

The Top Dall Crystal Rhinestone Bling for the front and rear T on your Tesla symbol is another of our favourite third-party additions for the Tesla Model Y.

These include a peel-and-stick adhesive, making installation really simple!

  • A steering wheel tray for a laptop

One of the greatest Tesla Model Y accessories is this laptop tray if you’re searching for a wonderful method to do work while on the fly.


The steering wheel tray is ideal for typing or eating meals while driving and connects to the steering wheel with ease.

  • Telsa Model Y Interior Neon Light Kit

These neon lights are the ideal aftermarket additions for your Tesla Model Y if you want to give it a little bit of fun and colour!


Through the associated app, you may adjust the light intensity and colour.

Make careful to choose the appropriate vehicle type when checking out since this firm manufactures lighting Tesla accessories for the type y and Model 3.

  • Organiser Tray for the Centre Console

The console organiser tray is what you need to get if you’re seeking for a better method to arrange all of your little belongings like keys, cash, and sunglasses in the Tesla Model Y centre console!


All of our smaller stuff used to roll about in the centre console, generating a lot of noise, before we bought this tray.


Future Tesla models should, in our opinion, include a better centre console organiser, thanks 

to Elon and the Tesla team. But until then, there are a tonne of aftermarket Tesla accessories designed for organisation.


Please take notice that owners of Teslas with slide-close centre consoles will fit well with this tray console. The rotary closure does not fit this tray.

  • Model Y Retractable Sunshade

The Tesla Model Y Retractable Sunshade is an excellent accessory for keeping your vehicle cool and guarding from fading inside.


The inside gets SO HOT when we spend a few months a year in the California desert! For us, this sunshade is a game-changer.


On very hot days, it will keep your vehicle cool without depleting the battery pack since it has 100% UV Protection and Heat Resistance.

  • Bling sticker for the steering wheel of Telsa

More bling, I know, I know! But we were powerless. To give your Tesla Model Y even more glitz, choose the Top Dall Crystal Rhinestones Bling Steering Wheel Cover.

The inside of the Tesla will be glammed up by this high-quality steering wheel Tesla item, and family and friends will congratulate you profusely.

the finest tesla model y accessories for screen protection

  • Sunscreen

Another fantastic item to keep your cabin cool and safe is the 6 piece Sunshade Set for the Tesla Model Y.


Because they are made to exactly suit the windscreen, front side windows, and rear side windows of your Tesla Model Y, these sunshades are among of our favourite Tesla accessories.


Without the need of any tools, they are simple to install and uninstall.

  • Valve Stem Covers

We had to remember your tyres’ valve stem coverings, too!

Popular aftermarket Tesla Model Y parts include valve stem covers. On Amazon, there are many different Valve cap alternatives available.


We have these crystal ones, of course! Since our Tesla shares updated rims with thousands of other Tesla owners, we had to bling up our tyres to make our vehicle stand out.

  • Cargo Trunk Cover

The Tesla Model Y Cargo Trunk Cover is one of the top aftermarket parts.

Even though Telsa has sentry mode, we still prefer not to have all of our belongings visible when travelling.


The fitting kit for the cargo trunk cover contains all the required components.

  • Centre Console Cover

When your dog or kids are crawling all over your vehicle, the material on the Tesla Model Y centre console starts to fade and deteriorate with time.


The console cover is among the top Tesla Model Y Accessories, in our view. We like this Basenor PU leather memory foam console cover since it also has a little concealed storage pocket that is ideal for keeping valet keys, wires, and other small objects.


To protect against damage like dirt and pet claws, Basenor manufactures centre console coverings for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

  • Outdoor Floor Mats

Our Basenor Floor All-Weather Floor Mats are now our most beloved Tesla aftermarket accessory buy.


These heavy-duty rubber floor mats will keep your Tesla Model Y clean and weather-protected.


The package includes truck mats as well as floor mats for the front, back, trunk, and rear storage.


We like that these all-weather floor mats are waterproof, have a dirt-repellent surface, have an anti-slip backing, and have deep treads for optimal protection.


Likewise, the floor mats are of the highest quality. These floor mats have been in our vehicle for two years and are still in pristine condition.

  • Storage under the seat

A fantastic method to make the most of your storage space and keep all of your essential belongings organised is with the Tesla Model Y under-seat storage.


You may use this storage container to keep things like umbrellas, books, papers, sunglasses, snacks, and more in the space below the front seat.


The inside is lined with high-quality ABS plastic to prevent your belongings from rolling about and scratching.

  • Glitter Cup Stands

The Rhinestone Cupholder Coaster Set is one of our favourite Y Accessories for dressing up your Tesla.


The rhinestone set is waterproof, dustproof, and available in a wide range of hues!

Note that the size of these coasters is 2.73 inches. Verify the fit with your Tesla model.

  • Storage for back seats

Adding the Backseat Storage Box to your list of essential Tesla Model Y accessories to buy should be a priority.


This backseat storage box is one of the greatest aftermarket additions for organising all of the additional goods like water bottles, chargers, and other odd items since not all of our items fit in the centre console.


The Tesla Model Y’s rear seat fits the storage container well. There are several storage options for the Tesla Model 3.

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