Important Things to Consider When Shopping For Real Pearl Necklace

Important Things to Consider When Shopping For Real Pearl Necklace

Deciding to purchase a real pearl necklace is one of the best investments to make. However, fine pearls are one of the least understood gemstones in the jewellery market. Understanding the pearl type, grading scale, value, size, color, etc., is important to consider before deciding on the right moti necklace. While they are a symbol of class and sophistication, choosing the right single pearl necklace will give the wearer a royal status symbol. With the variety of pearl necklace designs available from top retailers, choosing an authentic item like Darpan Mangatrai real pearl necklace will help invest in a fine white real pearl necklace. Thus, here is a guide that includes certain points every buyer should take care of before choosing nature’s classiest gem. 

The Type Of Pearl:

The first thing to consider before buying a pearl necklace set is the type of pearl. This includes three major things- natural or cultured, color, and shape. 

  • Natural pearls are the ones that grow naturally, harvested from an oyster and finished from water. On the contrary, cultured pearls are natural, too, and are harvested inside an oyster but cultured by humans on farms. 
  • Never before had such a wide variety of pearl colors been available. While white is the classic and versatile color choice, black pearls are the rare ones. They are not actually black but dark hues of grey, blues and greens. It gives an exotic appearance just like a Choose Handcrafted Jewellery will appear on darker skin tones. Pink, mauve, peach and lavender shades are flirty yet fun, and are a perfect choice for summer or spring wear. 
  • Another criteria that differentiates them is their shape. They are either round, ovoid, spherical, or baroque.

The Pearl Size:

Real pearl necklaces come in a variety of sizes. The traditional and versatile size range between 7.0-9.5mm is basically ‘the classic pearl necklace’. However, as the size increases, the value soars.

Select the Right Necklace Length:

From the timeless classic to the modern styles, the most popular mother of pearl necklace length is known as the ‘18-inch princess length’, suitable for various necklines and outfits. The length can also be determined based on one’s budget, taste, and the outfit to pair it up with. As per standard norms, there are six main types of real pearl necklaces per length:

  • Choker
  • Collar
  • Princess
  • Opera
  • Matinee
  • Lariat

Set The Budget:

One of the most important things to consider while purchasing even a small pearl necklace is the budget. Just like diamonds, the cost escalates exponentially as the size of the pearl increases. Also, it is a fact that a bigger investment means superior quality. Thus, it is crucial to not settle for a cheap option because a high-quality pearl will never lose its casting, neither scratch nor requires retightening. 


Often ignored, while deciding on the budget, it is also imperative to consider whether to choose the real pearl necklace encased in gold, silver, or platinum. Many like them to be strung on a silk, leather strand, or the almost invisible silk thread. As per the encasing, the cost varies. 

Choosing The Perfect Pearl Jewellery Style:

The next thing to consider when buying a real pearl necklace is the type of style to purchase. Whether to make it a part of the existing necklace set or to wear it individually. For example, a long pearl necklace is usually worn at a formal event or a high-end wedding. However, the pearl choker necklace is worn with a saree, or a suit too. Thus, knowing the purpose of wearing before purchasing is crucial in deciding the desired style of a real pearl necklace.

Choosing The Right Brand:

When shopping for precious gemstones like pearls, the brand plays a crucial role and should be taken into note. It is always advised to shop for gold pearl necklaces or any real pearl necklace from a certified seller or vendor. It is a must to ask them for a certificate of authenticity. There are several products from famous brands in the market such as the Darpan Mangatrai pearl necklace for women and many others to check when thinking about investing in pearl jewellery. Therefore, choosing the authentic brand should balance pearl selection, price, and quality along with excellent customer service. 

Just like buying the first black dress or the first designer bag, shopping for a real pearl necklace can become one of the most thrilling experiences. Whether choosing a gold pearl necklace or any other type of pearl jewellery, consider this guide to make an informed decision of investing the hard-earned money into the right product.

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