10 Top Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites (No Fee)


A reverse phone lookup involves obtaining background information about a caller using their dialed number. This information typically includes their name, email address, social media accounts, city of residence, and sometimes even more sensitive data like credit scores and home addresses.

However, conducting a reverse lookup can be challenging because various online platforms offer these services, some of which may attempt to steal personal information. Additionally, certain premium sites may require payment but fail to provide the desired information.

To address these concerns, you can use a list of free reverse phone number lookup sites mentioned in this article.


USPhoneSearch tops this list because it is connected to public and federal databases, cell phone carriers, and data bank sites. This reverse phone lookup tool enables it to quickly provide accurate lookup results, including the target’s name, address information, location history, social media accounts, and more, regardless of whether the person uses a mobile phone, landline, or VOIP.


The platform facilitates easy filtering of search results to find the necessary information. Furthermore, you can perform an address lookup, people search, or public records search if you don’t have the person’s phone number to initiate your search. Using the free phone directory to speed up the research process is an option.

The only limitation is that this platform focuses on US-based searches and may not generate background results for international numbers.


]Provides detailed background results on unknown callers

Allows filtering of background search results for easier review

Offers multiple search options


Unable to generate background information on international numbers


NumLooker is a reliable phone number lookup service that allows you to instantly trace any unknown number and determine the caller’s identity, including their name, email address, criminal records, social accounts, and more.


NumLooker’s advanced features, such as filtering out irrelevant profiles, set it apart. The user-friendly interface is accessible on various devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

Additionally, NumLooker provides excellent customer service and offers the option to receive notifications whenever an individual’s report is updated. The website also allows searches based on other parameters like address lookup, email lookup, and people search.


Provides accurate and up-to-date information

Maintains confidentiality by not storing any information on searched numbers

Offers a simple user interface


The search engine may occasionally take longer to produce results.


TheNumberLookup is a reliable phone number lookup platform. It helps users quickly identify unknown numbers and provides relevant details such as names, addresses, social accounts, and business information. 

The service generates extensive background reports using various algorithms to retrieve online information. It’s a free platform that produces results promptly. However, the search engine has a limited database, which may not always generate results if the target has a small digital footprint.




Highly reliable search engine available 24/7

Free to use with no hidden charges

Provides speedy search results for unknown callers




Limited search database


USPhoneLookup is a free tool for reverse phone lookup. Without fees or traces, it offers detailed background information on unknown callers, including email and residential addresses. 

Background checks are sourced from publicly available directories, online listings, social media profiles, and government databases for criminal records or employment history. The user-friendly interface and regularly updated database make gathering basic information quickly and confidentially convenient.


Offers free background searches

Provides accurate search results

Facilitates multiple search parameters


Limited to US background searches only

What Is This Number

What Is This Number specializes in accurate background results through its number lookup service. The platform uses advanced search technology to scan online datasets and public records, providing detailed and comprehensive background reports on unknown callers using various phone numbers. 

It’s a free service that allows secure and anonymous reverse phone lookups. However, the accuracy of search results cannot be guaranteed at 100%.



Facilitates free background searches

Provides detailed and comprehensive background reports

Offers multiple reverse search parameters


Can only guarantee 80% accuracy on all searches


PhoneNumberLookupFree easily identifies unknown numbers by scanning search results across public records and databases. It provides detailed information about the number, including contact details, address, employment history, criminal background, and estimated income. 

With its fast search engine, relevant information can be retrieved within seconds, and search results can be filtered for precise information. User privacy is guaranteed, ensuring the target remains unaware of the information search.



Ensures complete user confidentiality

Collects and compiles information on the target for easy perusal

Quick and efficient search engine


Occasional generation of irrelevant search data


NumberLookup simplifies the number lookup process by connecting to multiple phone directories and online archives, providing comprehensive information about the caller. 

Regular updates to the database ensure that no new information about the caller is missed. The user interface is straightforward, generating a list of relevant matches summarized in a comprehensive report within minutes.

Additionally, alternative search options such as reverse address lookup, public records search, or background checks are available if the phone number is unavailable. However, this search tool has limited reach compared to other options on the list.


Easy-to-use interface

Compiles relevant data into a comprehensive background report

Provides alternative search options


Limited search database

Who Call Me

Who Call Me offers a fast and streamlined process for tracing unknown callers. Simply input the number, and the platform retrieves information from multiple online databases within seconds. 

The platform also offers address lookup, email lookup, and background check options for cases with limited information. All searches on the site are confidential, and the user interface is easy to navigate, making it suitable for remote inquiries anytime, anywhere.


Moreover, their customer service team is available 24/7 for assistance or inquiries regarding conducted searches.


Maintains privacy for all searches

Reliable customer service team

Offers various background search parameters


Not the fastest search tool on this list

Whose Number

Whose Number is an excellent choice for individuals dealing with annoying calls from unknown users? It provides a quick way to identify and permanently block them. The tool allows you to enter a number, and it instantly scans online databases and public directories to retrieve the identity behind the number, whether it’s an individual or a company. 

This helps you easily block or report the responsible party to the relevant authorities if they persistently bother you. Whose Number is a free option that provides basic details about a contact without alerting them or requiring fees? It’s a simple and efficient process where you input the target’s name and wait for almost instant results.



Simple and easy-to-use interface

Completely free service

Instant generation of search results


Provides only basic information on a target


CocoFinder is a great phone lookup tool with a low-profile and precise user interface. It offers effortless navigation without unnecessary distractions. The free platform allows you to perform phone number searches and background checks, including criminal, employment, and address histories. 

Additionally, CocoFinder provides advanced filtering options to narrow down your search. It is optimized for mobile use and employs next-generation search technology, delivering results within minutes.


Numerous search features

Highly accurate search engine

Easy-to-use interface

High security and confidentiality


Occasional delays in generating results

As we conclude, keep in mind the top 10 free reverse phone lookup tools showcased here. Their strengths lie in their ability to provide fast, accurate, and dependable services. The next time you need to look up a phone number, consider these renowned platforms.


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