How to Calculate Your GWA with GWA Calculator?


Knowing your Grade Weighted Average (GWA) is key in the academic world. Let me simplify the process for you!. You can use for quick calculation.

Step 1: Data Collection – Grades and Credit Units

Your first step is to gather your grades and the corresponding credit units for each course. These can usually be found in your school portal or report cards.

Step 2: Numerical Equivalents of Your Grades

Next, assign numerical equivalents to your grades. Generally, A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. However, double-check with your school’s specific grading system.

Step 3: Determining Course Values

For each course, multiply the numerical grade by the course’s credit units. For instance, a ‘B’ (3) in a 3-credit unit course would result in 9.

Step 4: Total Course Values – The Sum

Add together the resulting values from each course. This is the sum of the values of all your courses in the semester.

Step 5: Total Credit Units – The Count

Now, tally the credit units for all your courses. That’s your total credit units for the semester.

Step 6: Calculation of Your GWA

Finally, divide the sum of your course values by your total credit units. The resulting number is your GWA! A great indicator of your academic performance.

The GWA Calculator – Your Calculation Companion

To make things easier, consider using a GWA calculator. Simply input your grades and their corresponding credit units, and it instantly generates your GWA.

Advantages of Using a GWA Calculator

A GWA calculator saves time, reduces errors, and allows for scenarios with hypothetical grades. This can assist you in setting realistic academic goals.

Tips to Elevate Your GWA

To improve your GWA, understand how it’s calculated, prioritise high-credit courses, adopt efficient study habits, and seek assistance when needed.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you calculate your GWA manually or use a calculator, it’s an invaluable skill for monitoring your academic progress and planning for the future. Remember, your GWA is just one aspect of your academic journey. Enjoy every step of your learning process!


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