4 Best Resources For Real Estate Content Writers To Make Money!

Real Estate Content Writers To Make Money

Content Writing is the best way to make money online. It was harder for newbies to start, but newbies got to earn money through Content Writing when AI came into power. Writing content in the Real Estate category is more complicated, but newbies can earn the chance by taking help from AI. Thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) that made newbies and experts write compelling content in every category. In Real Estate, you can practice writing content as a newbie and start making money when you have got some expertise.

Writing compelling content is necessary to practice and make your portfolio because only good content can attract clients and a search engine presence. This article will help you discover the resources you must use after gaining expertise in writing content on Real Estate. We’ll mention the top resources helping you earn thousands of dollars after giving high-quality articles. We must start this without further ado because we have numerous things to reveal.

4 Best Resources For Real Estate Content Writers To Make Money

We’ll reveal the resources nobody reveals. Everyone knows about the famous platforms, but we will reveal some untapped resources that nobody reveals. Here is the first resource you must try when making money through your Real Estate content writing skill.

Make Your Website

You might be surprised after reading this, but that’s true. You can make millions of dollars through your website if you can write good content in the Real Estate category. Make your website by getting a domain registered on Namecheap or Godaddy. Install WordPress or any other CMS and start writing your content. Publish your content when you have got some articles in the backup.

This might take a few months, but your website will come in the position to help you earn thousands of dollars through various platforms. Some people prefer Adsense earning through their website. That is good in the Real Estate category because the CPC is incredibly high. Your website can help you earn a good amount even if you have only 500-1000 visits daily.

Some writers get disappointed when they don’t see website visitors but never get disappointed. A website takes time to get noticed in the search engines like Google and Bing. You can hire a Digital Marketer to do its promotion, but leaving your website is not recommended.

I’ll give the 2 best examples to motivate you more for websites. The first website is Lert Skip Tracing. You can visit this website and see how much content it publishes. It has published a few articles on its website but is making a good income by solving a problem for Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers. The 2nd example is Call Motivated Sellers. This website has little content but makes a good income by providing Cold Calling Services.

You can make a website like this and work with Skip Tracers or Cold Callers to sell these services and make money. The real thing is the content. You have expertise in writing content. What more do you want when you can write the content yourself?

Work With Established Websites

The 2nd pattern is also good, but this requires experience. Working with established websites where Real Estate content is already published is another good way to earn money through your content writing skill. Here’s how:

Prepare your portfolio of 10 high-quality articles you wrote in your career. You can make your portfolio using free websites. You’ll find many while searching on Google. Include 10 articles in your portfolio and contact website owners looking for writers. You can find them on the “Careers” page of that website. Email them if they are looking for a writer. Send them your 10 high-quality articles and see what response comes from them.

Don’t just email one and wait for a reply. Email multiple website owners to get a quick response because most don’t answer. It is recommended to email multiple website owners to get your work done quickly. If someone responds, be happy and start working with him to make money.

Make Your Real Estate Agency

This business strategy helps you earn millions of dollars. Making your Real Estate agency where you sell content to people helps you earn millions of dollars. This strategy isn’t applied when you have just started but requires time. The real thing is the content that you can write yourself. A website runs through content and is considered one of the biggest problems for others because people can’t write the content. You can write the content yourself, and your primary problem is resolved.

The 2nd thing is collaborating with people with expertise in different Real Estate skills. I have already mentioned Cold Calling and Skip Tracing. You can collaborate with these types of experts and share your idea. When they agree to work with you, start making your agency website and publishing your content. After some time, your website will get noticed in search engines like Google and Bing.

From there, you’ll earn clients and start making money. You and your partner will feel motivated after your agency starts earning. Grow your agency and increase your pricing when you have got enough clients in your agency. This will help you earn millions of dollars after your agency gets established.

Make Your Profile on Freelance Platforms

The last platform is to work on established freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. Make your profile on these websites and start working as a Real Estate content writer. Write the best proposals to people looking for Real Estate content. Start with lower pricing in the initial stages. Increasing your pricing after your profile has enough positive reviews would be best. You can earn a handsome amount through these freelance platforms, but it won’t happen on the 1st day. Every profile that gets established takes time. It would be best never to get disappointed after not getting the clients initially.

Final Words

These were the 4 untapped resources a Real Estate content writer must try if he has expertise in writing content on Real Estate. Making your website will be good because your website will become a brand after a few years of hard work. And you know very well that brands charge more than freelance platforms. You can also make your agency and start delivering your services. It is the reputation that helps you earn more. Drop a comment if you have questions about this topic. We’d love to help you as we help our readers. Until then, take care and enjoy exploring.

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