5 Tips for Washing and Storing Cloth Diapers During Travel

5 Tips for Washing and Storing Cloth Diapers During Travel

Traveling, whether for a weekend trip or a long-awaited family vacation, can be a thrilling adventure. If you use cloth diapers, you may be wondering how to get around the world of changing your diapers while on the go. 

Not to worry! You can effectively use and maintain cloth diapers throughout your travels with a little planning and preparation, ensuring your little one’s diaper stays comfortable and sustainable wherever you go.

We understand that it may appear intimidating at first. Still, with the appropriate information and some practical advice, you’ll quickly learn that cloth diapering on the road is not only possible but can also be an empowering experience. 

So, let’s look at the tips for keeping your cloth diaper efficient washing routine and keeping everything clean and fresh while you and your family are on the go.

How to Wash Cloth Diapers at a Laundromat or Other Washer That Isn’t Your Own

Worry not because even if you are away from home. There are ways to keep your cloth diapers clean and fresh. It’s a big factor if you stay in a place with access to a washing machine. 

If you can use a washing machine while you’re away, you will only be able to use your usual washing routine if you test the hardness of your water and take the time to figure out how much laundry your machine can hold.

A washing machine gives much less room for error than hand washing, where you can keep rinsing to fix problems. For instance, If you make a mistake hand washing your cloth diapers, soap can build up, and the diapers won’t get clean. Both of these things can cause odors and rashes.

But if you are careful, you can limit the damage and fix it when you get home so that you can do a few of your regular washes.

Tips for Washing and Storing Cloth Diapers

  1. Consider the Washing Routine

Washing dirty cloth diapers while traveling is one of the most challenging aspects. You could, of course, try handwashing cloth diapers, but it is not the most convenient or sanitary way.

If you are unable to get access to a washing machine or laundromat while traveling, consider using disposables. 

If you truly want to use your cloth diapers while on vacation, inquire with the hotel or Airbnb about using the washing machine for cloth diapers.

If you must hand wash them, they will not be disinfected appropriately, but you can help by soaking them in extra hot water or drying them in the sun. When you go home, you can wash them properly. 


  1. Prepare the Required Washing Supplies

If you wash cloth diapers while on vacation, you’ll need a few materials

. Because not all items will be readily available, it is wise to pack them.

Bring your favorite cloth diaper detergent, as well as a stain stick remover that is recommended for use with cloth diapers.

If you’re flying, keep some laundry detergent in your backpack and several travel-sized packets on hand in case you are separated from your luggage. You may even have laundry detergent and other goods delivered to your hotel room. 

Bring a sink stopper and rubber latex gloves if you know you’ll be handwashing your diapers. You’ll also need a drying rack or a portable cloth diaper laundry line to hang your clothes where you’re staying. 

It would be advantageous if you also planned to have many rolls of quarters on hand, as most washing machines are still coin-operated. If you are unsure, contact the hotel or resort in order to see how their machines work. 


  1. Wash At Least Every Other Day

This guidance is similar to what you might receive at home. Cloth diapers should be laundered every day or two to keep bacteria at bay and prevent odors.

If cloth diapers are your preferred travel diaper, you may want to wash them on a daily basis, especially if you are staying in a hotel room or a smaller space than you are used to at home. A filthy diaper doesn’t take long to stink up a small area!

I also don’t advocate wetting cloth diapers when traveling, so if you use the wet pail approach at home, consider switching to a dry pail or storing them in a wet bag until it’s time to wash to keep the odor at bay. 

If you have poopy diapers, try your best to remove the poop before storing them; disposable or flushable diaper liners are an excellent technique to reduce excrement cleanup!


  1. Dry Diapers in the Sun

This is another diaper tip you should utilize at home because UV light from the sun kills bacteria and viruses.

According to Sunlight Institute research, all germs following eight feet of low-intensity UV rays were eliminated after 10 minutes.

If you are staying somewhere with a balcony or patio, simply drape your diapers over the railing, or bring a drying rack and set them out outside.

Some cloth diapers should only be air-dried, so consult your diaper maker for the best drying method.

If you don’t have direct sunlight, drying by air inside is preferable to using a clothes dryer; however, it will take longer; therefore, keep that in mind when selecting how many diapers to carry. 


  1. Save Space by Using Covers

Diaper covers are helpful even if you don’t use flats because they may be tossed over pocket diapers or all-in-ones to help avoid leaks.

Depending on what you plan to do on your trip and who will be watching your baby, either relatives or friends, you may want to bring a variety of cloth diaper types or even disposable diapers to make things easier.

Long flights, car trips, or long days on the road may necessitate a different, more absorbent design than you are accustomed to. 



When traveling with a baby, one thing to consider is how you’ll wash their cloth diapers. Finding a location with access to a washing machine is the most time-efficient option. But hand washing them is always a good idea if that’s not possible. How you implement the suggestions made in this blog post to keep your baby’s cloth diapers clean and fresh throughout travel is entirely up to you.

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