Secure Living: Safety Measures for Rented Flats in Delhi

Leaving your hometown to move to a new place is both scary and thrilling. It’s even more so when you’re going to the capital city of India, a thriving metropolis replete with opportunities. You need to make several considerations about the cost of living, ease of commute, and availability of a suitable flat for rent in Delhi. No less important is safety; you must take necessary precautions to ensure a secure living environment. 

1. Choose a Safe Neighborhood

When looking for a flat for rent in Delhi, pay attention to the neighborhood’s safety record. Look for well-lit areas, that have a lower crime rate, and have a diverse community. Ask around for recommendations from your peers and colleagues and look up online reviews of the locality. 

2. Inspect the Property

Seeing is believing. Visit the location to check the flat for safety features. Ensure all doors and windows have secure locks and are sturdy enough to withstand a break-in attempt. Look for proper lighting in common areas and the building’s entrance. If you have reservations about the apartment’s safety measures, discuss them with your landlord and request necessary improvements.

3. Get to Know Your Flatmates

If you’re sharing the flat, take the time to build a rapport with your new friends. Establish ground rules for security-related matters, such as locking doors and windows, and discuss emergency protocols. Take everyone’s safety concerns into consideration, and don’t shy away from voicing your own. 

4. Prepare for emergencies 

Keep SOS numbers (police, ambulance, fire department) on your phone. Also, save the numbers of at least two emergency contacts. It’s a good idea to inform someone of your plans and whereabouts. If you’re travelling somewhere far, or late at night, share your live location with someone trusted. Ideally, it should be a flatmate or neighbor. 

5. Transportation Safety

When choosing a flat for rent in Delhi, make sure it is well-connected to major hubs in the city. Apart from the availability of local markets, you should also be able to readily commute to the nearest police station and hospitals. Availability of public transport is super important in a new city, so opt for a property located in an area with a reliable commute network. 

6. Ensure Fire Safety

Compact apartment buildings can turn into tinderboxes in case of a fire. Fire safety is a crucial aspect of ensuring a secure living environment. Familiarize yourself with the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits in your building. Avoid overloading electrical outlets and switch off appliances when not in use. Develop an evacuation plan with your flatmates and discuss fire safety practices to follow in case of an emergency. If the apartment does not have the basic equipment to combat a fire, ensure they are in place by the time you move in. 

7. Stay updated with laws

Stay abreast of local laws in Delhi. Understand your rights as a tenant to ensure that your landlord complies with necessary safety standards. If you feel, on initial inspection, that the landlord is attempting to bypass safety concerns, cross that property off your list. 

8. Trust Your Gut

If something feels off or unsafe, immediately remove yourself from the situation. Whether it’s avoiding a poorly lit alley or declining an invitation that doesn’t sit right with you, prioritize your safety above all else. There is no dearth of flats for rent in Delhi; make sure your safety is not compromised in any form. 


Looking for a flat for rent in Delhi can be a daunting experience. But with, it has become a lot easier. From budget-friendly properties to better locations, they take the stress out of flat hunting. 

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