Performance of EDM Brass Wire

Performance of EDM Brass Wire

EDM Brass wire is a special copper wire used in electrical discharge machining (Electrical Discharge Machining, referred to as EDM). It is a thin, flexible copper wire, usually with a small diameter, used for fine cutting during EDM processing. The EDM Brass Wire uses the high-frequency pulse current to form a discharge area on the workpiece through discharge corrosion, and the material on the workpiece is peeled off layer by layer with tiny particles, so as to achieve precise cutting and processing. EDM Brass Wire plays the role of conductive electrode in EDM processing, and realizes precise cutting of the workpiece by controlling the transmission of current and the discharge process. Because copper has good electrical conductivity and appropriate corrosion characteristics, EDM Brass Wire has become one of the commonly used cutting tools in EDM processing.

Excellent Conductivity

Copper wire possesses excellent electrical conductivity, allowing for efficient current conduction. Its electrical conductivity is close to that of pure copper. The electrical conductivity of pure copper is typically around 58.0 MS/m. The electrical conductivity of copper wire used in wire cutting can generally reach 70% to 90% of pure copper, depending on the purity of the copper wire and the manufacturing process. Therefore, the electrical conductivity strength of wire cutting copper wire ranges from approximately 40.6 MS/m to 52.2 MS/m. In electrical discharge machining (EDM), the electrode wire (usually copper wire) generates high-energy electrical sparks through electrical pulses, resulting in surface erosion on the workpiece and achieving the cutting process. The exceptional electrical conductivity of copper wire ensures stable current transmission and uniform energy release, thereby providing high-precision cutting results.

Abrasion resistance

EDM Brass Wire is specially treated and alloyed with a formula that provides high wear resistance.

High hardness: EDM Brass Wire usually has a high hardness, which enables it to resist friction and wear generated during the cutting process, reducing the risk of deformation and fracture of EDM Brass Wire.

Excellent surface lubricity: EDM Brass Wire is often coated with lubricants to provide good lubrication, reduce friction with the workpiece surface, and reduce the degree of wear.

Anti-oxidation: Using materials with special treatment on the surface, it has good anti-oxidation and can work stably for a long time under high temperature environment.

Wide range of applications

Electric discharge cutting (EDM): EDM Brass Wire is one of the most commonly used cutting materials in the EDM cutting process. It is capable of rapidly etching the surface of the workpiece under the action of EDM discharge to achieve precise cutting and machining.

Metal processing: EDM Brass Wire is used to cut and process a variety of metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper and titanium. It can be used to manufacture parts, molds and other metal products.

Precision Processes: EDM Brass Wire plays an important role in precision processes. It can be used to make microfine parts, fine molds, microfine conduits and microelectronic components.

Jewelry making: EDM Brass Wire is widely used in jewelry making. It can be used to cut, engrave and form various jewelry materials such as gold, white gold, silver, etc.

Craft model making: EDM Brass Wire is commonly used to make craft models, prototypes and samples. It can accurately cut complex shapes and fine details for fine model making.

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