How to cancel order on myntra

How to cancel order on myntra

In today’s era, everyone is fond of online shopping platforms like Myntra, even if it is fashion-related or anything else. It also comes with various benefits as compared to shopping from local markets as you can easily purchase the products, or if the product is not according to your expectations, you can also exchange it or cancel it hassle-free. But sometimes it happens with the buyers as they want to cancel the order but don’t know the way. So if you are also one of those who always considered Myntra for their shopping but when it comes to the cancellation, you are unable to do it. Well, in this post, we will discuss some of the tactics that show you how to cancel orders on Myntra.


How to cancel an order on myntra

Cancelling an order on Myntra is a simple process, and for your convenience, Myntra also offers you a number of ways. Myntra offers user-friendly services which allow all users to cancel the order if they are not satisfied with the products. So have a look at some of the ways that tell you about How to cancel an order on myntra.

Cancel your order on myntra through the App.

 To cancel the orders through the app, follow these steps.


  • Firstly, open the Myntra app on your smartphone.


  • Log in to your account by using your registered account.


  • After logging in to your account, click on the icon “ Account”, available at the bottom of the screen.


  • Now in the account section, click on “My orders” to view the order history.


  • Now choose the product you want to cancel from the list.


  • Then, scroll down to the order information and click on the “cancel” button.


  • Cancellation of orders will be based on order status and eligibility criteria. Follow the instructions, and after it, Myntra will provide you with the reasons to cancel the order and select the preferred one.
  • At last, click on confirm.

Cancel your order on myntra through the website.

 If you are one of the persons who want to cancel their orders through the website, then have a look at some of the following points that are mentioned below.


  • Firstly visit the official Myntra website and log in to your registered account.
  • Now, go to “My order” from the menu section.
  • After it, select the product that you want to cancel and now tap on the cancel option.
  • Select one of the reasons from the available list to cancel your order and confirm the process.


Always remember that the cancellation of your order will rely on some factors such as product category or type, seller, etc. Also, you will have a specific time limit to cancel an order. Therefore, it’s advisable to take a decision faster before it’s too late.

Also, by following the above-mentioned steps on the Myntra website, it is a very simple process to cancel your order, and after it, Myntra will initiate your refund or store credit, depending on the payment method you choose, and you will be notified through the Email for the same.

How to cancel myntra order after shipping

If you are wondering how to cancel a Myntra order after shipping, then stop looking for it because Myntra does not provide such services. Once the order has been shipped to you, cancellation of it is not possible at all. But if you still want to cancel the order anyway, as you don’t need it anymore, then here are some of the ways to cancel the order.

  • First of all, contact the Myntra customer care team for their assistance.
  • At the time of product delivery, you can refuse to accept the product.
  • Opt for a return and refund option.

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Hope you are aware of the process of cancellation your order at Myntra. Cancelling the order at Myntra is not a big task; it can be done within no time. In any case, if you have changed your mind or have any reason for cancelling the order, then Myntra offers you a flexible policy to cancel your order.


 Q1. Can I cancel the order through the Myntra website?

 Ans. Yes, Myntra allows you to cancel the order through its website, also.

 Q2. Can I cancel a part of my order instead of cancelling it fully?

 Ans. Yes, Myntra allows you to cancel even a part of your order.

Q3. What if I want to cancel the order once it has been shipped?

Ans. Once the order has been shipped, it is not possible to cancel it; however, at the time of delivery, you can refuse to accept the product.

Q4. Do I have to pay any charges for cancelling the order at Myntra?

Ans. No, you don’t have to pay a fortune for the cancellation. However, always keep in mind to check the policies of the specific product before buying it.


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