Creating Ads For Your Business on a Budget with CapCut

Quality ads are a great investment for any business. They draw consumers’ attention to your venture, keep your brand relatable, and help drive sales. However, hiring a public relations firm or developing quality ads by yourself and hiring editors can be quite an expensive affair. 


Does this mean you can never create good ads without a hefty budget? Not at all. CapCut, a popular free online editor, not only simplifies editing but also provides some innovative tools that can help you create outstanding ads on a budget. 


In this article, we highlight some of those tools and how to use them for your ad projects. 

CapCut Templates

It can be challenging to come up with unique ideas about how to structure advertisements. More so if you are a beginner or if this is generally not your forte. 


CapCut templates are designed for exactly this kind of situation. You can either browse through them for inspiration or choose one that fits your advertising vision and use it to create your ad.


The templates are categorized based on the themes they are most suitable for which makes it easy to source ideas or find an ideal template. They also come with: 


  • An option to preview
  • Details about the length of footage you will require to use the template 
  • An indication as to whether you can use them for commercial use or not


Even better, CapCut allows you to customize different video details when you use a template. You can use it to personalize the ad for your brand using a logo, filter, among other enhancements. 

Stock Videos


Alt-text: Free online video editor stock videos


Photography and videography are not cheap ventures. They also take time and require pristine setups to pull off. 


If all of this has not aligned for you, you can turn to CapCut stock videos and images. They are free to use and easy to access in the editor. 


  • Open CapCut 
  • Click the ‘+’ to start a fresh project
  • The editor will display the media in  your gallery to let you select a video to import 
  • Find the ‘Stock Videos’ option along the edge of your gallery 


Alternatively, you can download copyright-free stock videos or images from other platforms to your device, import them to the editor, and use them to create your ad for free on CapCut.

Improvised Backgrounds

Advertisements are all about showcasing your ads in the best possible ways. Pristine, scenic, or captivating backgrounds are, therefore, essential.


Unfortunately, your ideal background can sometimes be beyond your reach. In other instances, you may also find that while you have the right product footage, the background is too prominent and thus overshadows the product which should be the main focus. 


You can address these issues in two ways on CapCut. The first option is to use the cropping tool to cut away the background from the product so that it is the main focus of the video. The other is to use the video background remover to eliminate the background altogether.


In the latter approach, or situations where you simply need a scenic background, consider using the overlay method to replace the background with stock media or any scenic video you may have. It works as below:


  • Press ‘+’ and import the video you will use as the new background
  • Select ‘Overlay’ on the main menu
  • Select ‘Add Overlay’ 
  • Choose and import the video whose background you need to change
  • Find and choose the ‘Remove Background’ option


Your product video will now be superimposed on the new background.


Most video advertisements require some level of voiceover narration. It is an easy and effective way to explain your product or service to your target market.


The voice on a voiceover recording often needs to take on a specific character with tonal variations to come off as convincing, friendly, or pull off the general idea of the idea. 


The common solution to this is to hire a voice actor if you can not do it yourself. However, CapCut offers voiceover solutions for free. You can:


  • Record the voice-over yourself with all the necessary intonations and use CapCut audio tools to improve the quality of your voice using different effects. 
  • Upload a script of the ad and use the text-to-speech tool. It has numerous natural-sounding voices that you can choose from. 

Captivating Effects


Alt-text: Free online video editor speed tool


The need for captivating effects often makes it necessary to hire a video editor when making ads. They, for a long time, required a skilled hand and complex editing software to implement.


Lucky for you CapCut remains user-friendly whether you are a beginner or a professional editor. Here are some special effects that you can easily create on the editor.  


Speed Effects

  • Import your video to the CapCut editor 
  • Select ‘Speed’ on the menu
  • Click on ‘Normal’ to set a custom speed
  • Drag the cursor forward or backward to create a fast-forward or slow-motion effect respectively


  • Select the ‘Curve’ instead of the ‘Normal’ option. It offers a selection of cool preset speed transitions.


  • Upload your video to the CapCut video editor
  • On the video timeline, drag the cursor to where you would like to add a transition
  • Click ‘Split’ on the menu
  • Place the cursor at the split
  • CapCut transition options will pop up and you can select a suitable one to add

Text Animations

  • First upload (‘+’) the video you need to add text to
  • Select ‘T’ on the menu
  • Choose the type of text you would like to add
  • Type it in the text box that appears
  • Select the type of animation you would like it to have
  • Tap the tick mark to implement the change

To Sum It Up

The CapCut tools we have highlighted above are only a tip of the many solutions it provides for ad-making projects. Give it a try to get your ads rolling in no time.


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