Restaurants in Pune Offering Bengali Cuisine

Restaurants in Pune Offering Bengali Cuisine

Every Indian has a special place in their heart for Bengali food, which has also shaped Pune’s culinary scene. The distinctive flavors, a wide variety of dishes, and adaptation of Bengali recipes to suit the Indian palate are the reasons Bengali food is so well-liked in Pune. You may discover delicious snacks whether you eat at one of Pune’s top Bengali restaurants or enjoy Bengali food on the nearby street markets.

What types of food can be delivered in Pune?

To satisfy a variety of palates, we provide a wide selection of cuisines. You can choose from a variety of popular cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, and American. Bengali orders may take longer to deliver based on the amount of time it takes the restaurant to prepare them, the amount of traffic, and other reasons. However, Swiggy works hard to offer on-time deliveries. Our live order monitoring function allows you to follow your order in real-time. The minimum order quantity may change depending on the Bengali restaurants you select. There could be a minimum order requirement at Bengali restaurants but not at others. The information is available on the restaurant’s page or at the time of checkout. 

Popular Bengali restaurants in Pune

Some of the restaurants in Pune offering Bengali cuisine are listed below:

  • Kaati Zone Rolls & Wraps

An establishment that delivers food and beverages that specializes in Indian-style wraps and rolls is called Kaati Zone Rolls & Wraps. They provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on their menu, including time-honored favorites like Paneer Tikka and Chicken Tikka. Additionally, a number of their hallmark dishes are available, including the Kaati Zone Special and the Kaati Zone Special Wrap. Each meal is prepared with fresh ingredients and is accompanied by a selection of sauces and chutneys. The ideal option for a speedy and delectable supper is Kaati Zone Rolls & Wraps. The dishes available are Batata Vada Roll, Mixed Veg Roll, Chilli Paneer Roll, Batata Vada Wheat Roll, Paneer Tikka Wheat Roll, Chilli Paneer Mini Roll, Veg Finger Mini Roll, etc. 

  • Aha! Baangali

A Bengali restaurant that only serves genuine and customary Bengali food. To be able to serve Bengali food that is faithful to its flavour and quality is the goal of Aha! Bengali. We provide our customers with the entire Bengali buffet, from appetisers to sweets. The goal is to reintroduce traditional grandmother cooking to Baangalis living outside Ghor-Badi. Aha! At the moment, Baangali is present in Pune at Viman Nagar, Kharadi, and Wakad. They are also considering opening a fourth site in the city so they can service customers more conveniently from their residences. Aha! Ordering from the whole Baangali menu is possible through Swiggy. The dishes are Egg Devil, Fish Kabiraji, Katla Sorse, and Sundarban Chicken, along with a combo of Bengali pulao and fresh Lime water, Chicken kabiraji and fresh Lime water.

  • Oh! Calcutta

The magnificent F&B-Nightlife establishment Oh! Calcutta is situated in the center of the city. With its quirky ambiance and excellent cuisine, it provides a distinctive experience. The freshest ingredients at Bengali restaurants were used to make the wide selection of Indian and foreign meals on the menu. A wide variety of wines, spirits, and cocktails are available in the bar. The lively mood is further enhanced by the live music and entertainment. The courteous and attentive personnel makes for a wonderful experience. Oh! The ideal setting for a night out with friends and family is in Calcutta. The dishes are Butter Naan, Plain Naan, Veg Fried Rice, Veg Singapuri Rice, Veg Singapuri Noodles, Chicken Hakka Noodles, Chicken Singapuri Noodles, and Chicken Schezwan Rice.

  • Chilimili

Chilimili is a great informal dining establishment that will amuse you amidst the bustle of Pimple Saudagar. With a broad, moderately priced menu, it is well worth visiting more than once. Come here for delectable meals and fun times with family and friends. Current dishes are Chicken Moghlai Paratha, Mutton Moghlai Paratha, Chicken Kosha (3pc) & Luchi (4pc) Combo, Mutton Kosha (3pc) And Luchi (4pc) combo.

  • Suruchee Family Restaurant

Suruchee Family Bengali restaurants offer scrumptious and wholesome food. Chinese and Indian (North Indian, Punjabi, Bengali, and Mughlai Cuisine) foods are offered here. Here, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served. Those who enjoy food should visit here. We are concerned about our guests’ health, so all of the raw ingredients used in food preparation are labeled and made in a safe way. A suitable area for sitting. The best location for gatherings, modest birthday parties, cat parties, and foodies. Additionally, we provide a Special Combo Menu, H/F Biryani, H/F Chinese Fried Rice, and H/F Noodles for Dine In Customers and Bachelors. Additionally, we provide delivery services and takeaways through Magicpin. We also accept orders for outdoor parties and in quantity. The dishes are Vegetable Dal Khichdi, Mushroom Mutter Masala, Chicken Maratha, Gr Peas Pulav, Paneer Combo Meal, Chhole Combo Meal, Vegetable Dal Khichdi, Kolkata Chicken Dum Biryani.

Why choose Swiggy? 

The popularity of all international cuisines and continental meals has increased at an unheard-of rate in our time. With the help of services like Swiggy, you can enjoy your favorite Bengali cuisine in the convenience of your own home while receiving fresh, hot food that is delivered on time. Quick and effective meal delivery services in Pune are a blessing in our fast-paced lives. 

  • Many options to choose from: A wide variety of choices are available, and you can sample the best cuisine from the best Bengali restaurants in the city.
  • Quick and reliable delivery: You can quickly sate your appetite with real-time delivery tracking.
  • No-hassle gatherings: Why make homemade Bengali food and neglect your visitors when you can just order and enjoy?
  • Live Order Tracking: No need to hazard a guess; Swiggy will provide the quickest ETAs and even bring your preferred Bengali food to Pune earlier than expected. Follow it live!
  • Multiple Payment alternatives: Because getting food to you at your door is our first concern, we provide the widest range of payment alternatives.
  • Customer Service: Sneak a peek at our customers’ frank reviews to make a well-informed choice. You can provide us feedback on the Bengali food served by your favorite Pune Bengali restaurants, the delivery service, the delivery valet, and more.
  • Deals and offers: Get your favorite cuisine delivered to the place of your choice, and take advantage of incredible deals and discounts at Swiggy.

Swiggy in Pune is always available to help, whether it’s with spontaneous cravings, last-minute party plans, or just a lack of time to cook. You can enjoy a quick and delectable lunch at Bengali restaurants without having to sacrifice your hectic schedule by quickly satisfying your appetites.  

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