ProwlerPro Enters AWS Amazon Partner Network

A dependable, trusted, and globally used cloud-based security platform, ProwlerPro has now officially declared its entrance into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network (APN). A comprehensive AWS review of ProwlerPro has been conducted to authorize the enterprise readiness of its product. This review endorses that ProwlerPro is one of the most complete and conveniently usable platforms for AWS security. Along with its partnership with APN, ProwlerPro has authoritatively launched multi-account support for AWS as well.

AWS Multi-Account support launched by ProwlerPro has put aid to the already industry-leading suite of its security features and provides security professionals with a tool that can work flawlessly across AWS accounts. It ensures greater visibility and control over the cloud environment. The Enterprise-grade trait of the company automates the assignment of discovering, interpreting, and awareness of the security stance of an entire cloud. The deployment comprises automated checks for security inspection, incident rejoinder, hardening, and penetration testing.

“We could not be more excited to announce our membership in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network and the launch of the AWS Multi-Account Support feature,” said Toni de la Fuente, lead of this AWS security scan tool and creator of Prowler Open Source. “Our goal at ProwlerPro is to give cloud security professionals tools to ensure their systems remain secure and reliable, with all threats detected and traced in an easy-to-understand, streamlined solution. Our acceptance in the AWS Amazon Partner Program is an endorsement of the work we’ve done to date, and will allow us to offer more features, products, and community services that enhance what was already a best-in-class product on the market.”

APN is a worldwide congregation of AWS allies that leverages agendas, proficiencies, and resources to put together, advertise, and sell client offerings. After entering APN, ProwlerPro has joined an international network of hundred thousand (100,000) companions belonging to more than 150 countries. All these allies work with AWS to provide resourceful solutions, solve technical issues, win contracts, and put on weight to mutual clients.

“ProwlerPro’s advanced threat detection capabilities and dedication to cloud security are unparalleled,” said Casey Rosenthal, CEO of Verica. “The inclusion of ProwlerPro in APN, and the launch of the AWS Multi-Account support is a validation of the platform’s momentum, and we are excited to leverage that momentum to bring security to more cloud environments every day.”

About ProwlerPro

ProwlerPro is an advanced cloud platform built on the Prowler Open Source tool. It aims to simplify and enhance AWS security and cater to the needs of modern SaaS. The tool provides organizations with a feature-rich dashboard, personalized support, and continuous monitoring among other benefits.

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