Improving Student Academic Performance Via ERP

Improving Student Academic Performance Via ERP





Creating a fun and engaging learning classroom environment where students get the opportunity to grow academically and socially is quite significant. Traditional teaching practices are not sufficient in this regard. With the growing technology and advancements in science, all professional sectors have advanced and the same needs to be done in our educational field too. To meet the goals and objective of better student engagement, teachers should opt for modern solutions and teaching practices. Using ERP software for your school is one of the best choices in this regard. Let us discuss improving student academic performance via ERP.

Improving student’s academic performance via ERP

An enterprise resource planning software helps to automate the major administrative and non-administrative tasks, furthermore ensuring the smooth functioning of the educational institutions. Moreover, this system allows the stakeholders to stay connected digitally, share feedback and come up with the best strategies for enhancing the learning experience of students. Let us now discuss how ERP helps in improving the academic performance of learners.

Multimedia tools for learning

We all know that today’s kids are highly attracted to technology. The lengthy lessons printed in the textbooks don’t engage and attract them much. To make students academically more efficient, educational technology should be adopted. By using ERP for schools, teachers can provide learners with several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. These multimedia tools can also be used in physical classrooms to make your students more vocal and participative. Online quizzes, puzzles, and multiple-choice question worksheets can also be designed to make assessments fun for students.

1. Better lesson planning

 For improving the academic performance of students, teachers need to follow the right set of teaching strategies. They need to plan different and innovative ways to make students understand and participate well. However many times, teachers get so occupied in completing the administrative tasks, attendance, result calculation, and more manually. The manual mode of working affects teachers’ productivity and efficiency. They get less time to plan their classes.

To overcome this problem, using school ERP is very beneficial. It helps teachers to automate the major tasks. With the help of automation, work gets completed quickly without any confusion and errors. This makes teachers more productive and boosts their time management skills too. The saved time can be invested in better lesson planning, and preparing quality learning material for students. Teachers can give extra time to the learners who are lacking behind too.

2. Improved parental involvement

For the growth and development of students, along with teachers, parents also play a crucial role. Regular interaction among both parties is quite significant for the proper growth and development of the learners. But due to time constraints and busy schedules, it becomes difficult for parents to attend the physical PTMs. To overcome these barriers, enterprise resource planning software is very beneficial for schools. It helps parents and teachers to stay connected digitally. Parents can view their child’s learning curve and performance in real-time via this software. The portal has various information like results, grades, attendance records, extracurricular activities, progress reports, and more. All this information can be accessed by parents at any time from anywhere.

3. Better accessibility

 Along with classroom learning, self-study is also very important for students to excel in academics. Teachers can upload the learning material, and video lectures on the portal. All the students get access to these learning tools. At any time, from anywhere, students can learn and practice. A self-paced learning experience is offered to the learners.  Better flexibility, convenience, and accessibility make students more active, and efficient.

 4. Seamless communication

 With the help of ERP software, teachers and students can communicate well. Whenever students face any doubt or query, they can upload it to the portal to get instant help and support from the instructors. Also, teachers can keep students updated about all the important information, schedules, and activities by sharing it on the system. Parents and teachers can also have real-time interactions. Teachers can share feedback with parents about how their ward is performing and what more needs to be done for improvement and betterment.


To make your educational institutions run smoothly and offer the best learning experience to the students, using the ERP system is important. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out its benefits for the learners. It streamlines the teaching-learning process, therefore all schools must invest in suitable ERP software. Economic stability and better work efficiency are some other benefits.

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