Ultimate Guide to Foaming Soap Dispensers

Foamy soap dispensers are becoming more common in public and commercial restrooms around the world. These specific dispensers contain foamy soap that will easily scrub your hands clean. However, it has always been mysterious about how these dispensers generate their airy foam.

Are you someone who has got the same question in your mind? Or, are you looking forward to buying a foaming soap dispenser in Canada? If yes then keep reading!

What Is a Foaming Soap Dispenser?

A Foaming Soap dispenser has two chambers, one for soap and the other for pushing air into the dispensing component. When you press the foam dispenser, both chambers work together to produce an airy foam to help sanitise your hands.

Foamy hand soap is merely a type of liquid soap. The primary distinction is that foaming hand soap is used in specialised dispensers. These soap dispensers are designed to be used without being refilled, whereas other permanent solutions are.

How Does A Foam Soap Dispenser Work?

We’ve seen automatic or touchless soap dispensers in public places and have been curious about how they work. However, if you look closely, you will notice that they were actually using motion detectors or detecting the thermal heat energy that is dissipated by our hands.

When the soap dispenser detects a hand beneath it, it begins to operate like a regular foaming soap dispenser, mixing air with regular soap and discharging it. The amount of soap discharged in these automatic dispensers is fixed, and they’re designed to be easily refilled when the soap runs out.

Why Is It Better Than Liquid Soap Dispenser?

Many people prefer the feel of foamy soap because it is easier to rinse away. Because of the lather produced by a foaming soap dispenser, people must spend less time lathering and rinsing their hands after each hand washing session.

However, because each pump of the special soap dispenser includes less detergent than a pump of liquid soap, foaming hand soap may not be as impactful as liquid soap in terms of germ-killing ability. This is because the dispensed soap contains a significant amount of air bubbles, which give it a foamy texture.

Is It Possible To Put Foam Soap In Your Regular Dispenser?

If you’ve been considering adding foamy hand soap to a standard dispenser, you should be aware that foaming hand soaps necessitate the use of a specialised air pump. Furthermore, a foamy soap dispenser has two chambers. The soap is in one chamber, while the air and valves are in the other.

When the pump head is pressed, air is pushed into the dispensing chamber and mixed with the soap. When you apply pressure to the dispensing chamber, air is pushed into it. Because regular dispensers are crafted differently, using foaming soap will not result in a bubbling soap discharge.

Benefits of Buying Foaming Soap Dispenser

When it comes to environmental impact, foaming hand soap is a solid option. Because it is a diluted version of liquid hand soap, it uses less soap per hand washing session, which has multiple benefits. Here are just a few examples:

  • Foaming soap is less likely to clog drains, which would necessitate frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals and detergents. With the state of the planet’s health deteriorating by the day, using foaming soap is an excellent first step toward living a natural, environmentally friendly life.
  • Another benefit to the environment from using your bubbling soap is water conserving. People who rinse their hands with foamy hand soap use 16% less water to wash their hands than those who use traditional liquid soap, according to industry studies.
  • Chemicals are not necessary for foaming soap to produce lather. Forced air causes the natural lathering, which speeds up biodegradation compared to liquid soap. Additionally, foamy soap offers more hand washes per package, reducing the environmental impact of packing and transportation. Without realising it, you’d be leading a greener lifestyle!

Bottom Line

Overall, foaming soap dispensers are made specifically to aerate the soap that is released, which ultimately produces the bubble texture. Not only are these soaps good for the environment, but they are also reasonably priced. So, if you plan to buy a foam soap dispenser, check for the best quality.

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