How Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker Can Help You Win the Buy Box

If you have a professional account, all Amazon sellers have a chance to win the Buy Box. As we all know, Amazon is currently an extremely competitive industry, and to stay ahead of the pack, you must continually improve the ranks of your listings. For the new sellers, this might not be simple, and they have a lot to understand before they can begin to work on the rankings. So, here let’s know how Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker can help you win the Buy Box.

What is Amazon Buy Box? 

The price, shipping costs, seller details, and “add to cart” button for each product is displayed in the Buy Box, a white box on the right side of the Amazon product page. Amazon’s algorithm compares vendors who are selling the same item to one another and gives the Buy Box to the seller who has the highest overall ranking. 

In order to give sellers a chance to win the Buy Box, the Amazon Buy Box frequently rotates. It represents over 85% of purchases, and even more so on mobile, whereas only Amazon-exclusive products account for about 40% of online sales. This is so that customers can buy products in the quickest and most convenient manner possible.

How Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker Can Help You Win the Buy Box:

You need a professional account if you want to be in with a chance of winning the Buy Box. You will have to pay $39.99 per month, and as used goods are ineligible for the Buy Box, you must sell only brand-new goods. But do you know Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker can help you to win Buy Box? So, let’s know how Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker can help you win the Buy Box.

Seller Rating:

Every seller on Amazon has a 0-100 rating system. Your chances of winning the Buy Box increase with your rating. Customer response time, order cancellations, A-to-Z claims, customer reviews, and other criteria all have an impact on your seller rating. Additionally, you should try to keep your Amazon order defect rate around 1%. You will be penalized if more than 1% of the products you send out are flawed.

Your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box also depend on how quickly you reply to customer inquiries. The massive online retailer keeps track of how quickly customers respond, and slow responses will harm your seller rating.

Fulfillment By Amazon:

The most recent study found that 97% of consumers believe same-day shipping to be “fast,” while 95% are fine with the next-day shipment. This demonstrates that customers are serious about their purchases. For Amazon, speedy shipping is undoubtedly a ranking element. However, it’s not the only issue.

While hiring third-party logistic providers will guarantee quick delivery, Fulfilment by Amazon may be a better option if you want to increase your chances of landing in the Buy Box. This is due to the fact that FBA is still favored by Amazon and that employing it can help you raise your rating.

Positive Reviews :

Reviews are crucial to everything online, and Amazon is no exception. Customers receive practical confirmation of a product’s performance and quality from user reviews, especially favorable ones. Since clients cannot touch or feel the product until it is delivered, this is very crucial. 

Because of this, 75% of US consumers report that when they shop online, they consider product reviews and those with the highest ratings. Consider the pictures in the section below. Despite the similarities between these two products, most buyers opt for the one with the most reviews because it gives them a better understanding of what they’re buying.


You don’t want to overcharge customers for your products on Amazon and lose sales, but you also don’t want to lose money. Yes, your pricing is crucial for your profit as well as being a crucial indicator for landing in the Buy Box. Therefore, while determining a price, you should consider how much you can afford to charge for a product that is priced competitively.

You can achieve this by maintaining a price below or equal to the externally competitive range. For instance, if the price of your product is currently $20 and the price of a similar product is $23, you can choose to keep your price at $20 or raise it to $23. Remember that 31% of customers are willing to pay extra for a company with “excellent” evaluations and that 53% of customers believe that quality is more important than price when making a purchase. So, in addition to receiving reviews, you need also to set a price that is both competitive and profitable for your business.

Product Availability 

Having customers notice “out of stock” will undoubtedly lower your rating. Additionally, you cannot win the Buy Box if you don’t have any stock. You don’t want it to rotate to the following brand. Be sure to manage your inventory and make sure your best-selling products are constantly available. 

Back orders still give you a chance to win the Buy Box because customers are aware that their items will take longer to arrive. To ensure customer satisfaction, Amazon will prioritise products that are readily available even if you have the best-selling item.

4. Optimize your product listings

Only half of the job is done by concentrating on providing the finest client experience possible, such as favorable evaluations, quicker delivery, aggressive pricing, and efficient inventory management.

To rank, you must make sure to follow Amazon’s SEO standards and optimize your product listings. Product listing optimization (PLO) is the process, which aims to make listings for product searches better in order to increase sales, visibility, and the likelihood that a user would see the Buy Box.

You must make sure of the following in order to optimize your listing for Amazon:

  • Make use of relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, features, and other places after conducting keyword research.
  • Observe Amazon’s rules for pictures and videos.
  • Avoid using terms that are misspelled.
  • Your features should be broken down into bullet points and listed in order of importance.
  • Use photographs of the product’s characteristics or in use that are of good quality.
  • Stay away from keyword stuffing and use backend keywords.
  • Employ both long-tail and short-tail keywords.


Although there are other elements that affect performance on Amazon, the Buy Box is a crucial component. Although it takes time, you should start immediately to raise your seller rating. Respond to your customer’s needs, make sure your products are packaged properly to prevent damage and enhance the customer experience to secure positive seller reviews. You can do the following actions to eventually raise your seller rating. Previous post Exploring the Beauty and Functionality of Canopy Designs: A Comprehensive Guide
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