Best Apps to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Best Apps to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

If you think leading a healthy lifestyle is all about eating healthy and going for a walk, then you’re wrong. It is about the everyday decisions that we make for ourselves that eventually set the path of our lives. But for this, you don’t have to maintain a manual register to track your daily routine and your daily goals. Thanks to the technology, we now have some amazing apps that can do all the work for us and we can focus on a healthier lifestyle without worry. 

Whatever you think that you need, an app that pushes you for nutrient meals, an exercise routine, mental well-being, or tracking goals, everything is available. Thanks to the golden age of the digital revolution that we are living in, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only easier but fun as well. 

All you need is some motivation, a digital device, and a working internet connection for these apps to work smoothly as most of them work in real-time. CenturyLink Internet is the perfect choice. It will be the gateway to the world of healthy life with its fast speed, stable connection, and 24/7 available customer service that removes worries from lives and maintains focus on a fit life.

Moreover, here are all the apps that you can download to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Everyday Habit Tracker

Are you worried about some unhealthy habits that you have adopted that are becoming a hurdle in the way of your healthy life? Worry not and download this app, Everyday Habit Tracker. As clear from the name, the app can track your habits and push you towards having better ones. 

Every day when you follow a habit that you have fed in the app, it forms a chain. The longer the chain is, the more motivated you are in following it. It also helps in not breaking the chain as it grows long. The app can help in developing good habits regarding health, fitness, wellness, finances, and more. Everyday Habit Tracker is available on Android and iOS both.  

2. Nutritionix

Developing healthy food habits need more help than you might think. There are so many things that one wants to eat or can’t stop eating that are just very unhealthy and should be let go of. Nutritionix helps you in a way that tells you the nutritional value of more than 900,000 restaurants, packaged, and grocery food items. 

This app has a very user-friendly interface and is best for those who want to know nutritional information on the go. Users can enter daily food intake into their phones and ask for the required information. The app is maintained by trained and professional dieticians. You can subscribe to this app for $6 a month or $29 a year and it is available on Android and iOS.

3. Headspace

What is a healthy lifestyle without mental well-being? One of the best apps to maintain mental well-being is Headspace, which is also used by famous people like Emma Watson, Antoni Porowski, and Gwyneth Paltrow. A former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe leads it.

The app gives you notifications regularly so that you can stop and do a workout for the brain, yes, a workout for the brain. The workout is simple, all you have to do is stop and listen to your mind and let go of things that are bothering you. This not only helps in clearing the mind but also increases the focus and attention span and calms one down instantly.

4. Future

For all those looking for a workout partner, worry not, if none of your friends are into it. This app, Future, will be the perfect exercise partner that will motivate you and give you regular tips as well. It’s like a virtual personal trainer because it links you to a coach that helps you with daily workouts and keeps an eye on your progress as well. 

The coach is also assigned to you according to your needs; this is figured out after you fill out a questionnaire before signing up. It is only available for iOS as it dates biometrics and other data from iPhone and Apple watch and incorporates it into the daily workout routine. The app is rather expensive; $149 a month, but the first month is 50% off.

5. Waterlogged

You can eat all the healthy things in the world and work out all you want, but if your water intake is not right, none of the things will work. In this app, Waterlogged, you first enter the size of the glass or bottles that you use to take water. In addition, according to that, the app will give you reminder notifications to take water. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS users and will definitely show results after you have fixed your water routine. It is also free to use; so you’re getting free reminders to fulfill a very important task of the day.


A healthy lifestyle is just one download away; take up any of the apps according to what your goals are. You will see how your lifestyle changes in a brief period.

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