Taking a Trip to Spain? Things to Keep in Mind

Planning to visit Spain soon? It is one of the most incredible countries you can visit, which offers stunning beaches and gorgeous landscapes that are tough to miss. The place is rich in culture and filled with lively locals that make your experience much better. The local cuisine helps open up many senses, and all in all, it is a place you would always want to come back to. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you visit the place.

  1. Have Lunch Before 3pm:

Why, you might ask? Because most restaurants close past 3pm and do not open till 6pm. You may find it tough to find any restaurant open during this time, even if you go to the center of the city. If you do not plan to starve till dinner, which is again late in Spain, you need to adjust; it is better to eat before their siesta. 

  1. Carry Your Own Data Sim Card:

You may want to depend on public Wi-Fi when traveling abroad to stay connected to the network. But most cafes and restaurants are closed after 3:00 PM and are only open in the evening. After all, a siesta is a pretty big deal in Spain. So you may find it tough to always stay connected to the public Wi-Fi. Hence, it makes sense that you carry a data eSIM Card for Spain to ensure you are always connected.

  1. Spain is Not Just About Spanish:

One of the most significant travel advice for Spain is never to assume that Spain has a single national identity.

Both Catalonia and the Basque Country have extremely distinct identities that their populations are justifiably proud of. 

Depending on where you go, the language, food, culture, and even the architecture vary quite a little. For instance, studying a little Catalan before visiting Barcelona is usually a wonderful way to show your respect for the area and its proud residents.

  1. It Has an Excellent Public Transport:

When traveling to any location, it is essential to learn about public transport as taking cabs can be expensive. Thankfully, public transportation is not late in Spain, despite the fact that many things are. Buses and trains often depart on time. You may travel vast distances without breaking the bank thanks to public transportation’s extremely low cost when compared to other nations. Spain’s rapid railway allows you to travel the entire nation quickly. Further, high-speed trains run in just one hour and 40 minutes between Valencia and Madrid and in two and a half hours from Madrid to Malaga.

  1. Avoid August to Visit Spain:

August is not a good month to travel to Spain, even though it is the middle of the summer vacation and when most families travel. Many businesses, including restaurants and cafes, close for the month of August as the majority of Spain travels to the beach or summer residences in the countryside for vacations. The main tourist destinations will still be available, but pick a different month to experience the nation from a more regional perspective. Also, August is also the hottest month in Spain. It’s not the best weather for strolling around doing sightseeing as several cities reach high temperatures. 

The Bottom Line:

Spain can be considered the capital of festivals, and whenever you visit the country, you will definitely experience one or the other. Ensure to keep track of it so that you can seep in all the experiences the country has to offer.

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