How to Create A Pomodoro Timer App?

How to Create A Pomodoro Timer App?

If you are a student, you understand the importance of a Pomodoro timer app. And as the quality of study and the number of students across the world increases, more and more people understand the importance of time management.

Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of us a lack. However, the world doesn’t end here. With the help of a pomodoro app, you can definitely improve your time management skills which are very important for students. 

Now, if you are someone who wants to create such an app for students and earn with it, this app is for you.

Here, we shall be discussing what a pomodoro timer app is and how to create one for your business in few easy steps. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:

What is Pomodoro Timer App?

Wondering what is pomodoro?

It is a word coined by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s when he developed a time management method known as pomodoro technique. 

Converting this remarkable concept into a working platform with help of mobile app development, we get modern day pomodoro timer apps. 

In today’s fast paced environment, whether you are a student or a worker, time management is very important. And there is no better app to help you with it then pomodoro timer app. 

The platform helps you break the work or study sessions into manageable intervals, promoting productivity and concentration.

Now, before you get into creating your own version of this concept, you should know about the platforms that already exist. Let’s go through them in the section below.  

Best Pomodoro Timer App 

If you know anything about the term pomodoro, you know that are a lot of apps in market that are based off it. 

Now, if you are planning to create another one, it is very important to go through market leadering apps. So here are some:


This pomodoro technique timer app gamifies the Pomodoro Technique, allowing users to grow virtual trees as they focus. It also has a feature that encourages users to stay off their phones during work sessions.


Combining the Pomodoro Technique with specially curated music, this pomodoro time management apphelps users enhance their focus and productivity during work or study sessions.

Be Focused

Offering a simple and intuitive interface, Be Focused allows users to customize their work and break intervals according to their preferences. It also provides statistics and reports to track productivity.


This app integrates task management with the Pomodoro Technique, allowing users to create to-do lists and allocate Pomodoro sessions to each task.

Why Build A Pomodoro Timer App?

You must be asking yourself, why should I build a pomodoro timer app? after all, developing an app is no small invest. 

Well, if you are someone who wants to generate a lot of revenue, this is the project for you. But’s that’s not the only reason why. Here are some reasons to consider:

Meeting a Growing Demand

The demand for Pomodoro Timer apps has been on the rise as more individuals seek effective time management solutions. Building an app to cater to this demand can be a lucrative opportunity.

Helping Users Boost Productivity

By developing a Pomodoro Timer app, you can provide users with a tool that helps them enhance their focus, improve time management, and ultimately increase their productivity.

Personalization and Additional Features

While there are many Pomodoro Timer apps available, there’s always room for innovation. By building your own app, you can add unique features and customization options to attract users looking for a tailored experience.

So, these are some of the top reason to create a pomodoro app of your own. And with this out of the way, let’s look at the features that you should be including in your platform. 

Features To Include In Your Pomodoro App

Features are the driving factors of any mobile app, thus is also covers pomodoro timer app. And this begs the question, what are the features that you should include in this platform?

Well, here are a few that you should definitely consider for your mobile app:

  • Customizable Timer Intervals
  • Task Management
  • Session History
  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Progress Tracking
  • Background Timer
  • Pause and Resume Functionality.
  • Sound and Visual Alerts
  • Focus Sounds or Music
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Sync and Backup

With this out of the way, let’s finally discuss the process to build your own pomodoro timer app.

Process To Create A Pomodoro Timer App 

Much like other on-demand app development processes, the process to create a pomodoro timer app is simple enough. And to save you the trouble, in this section of the blog, we shall be discussing this entire process. It is, as mentioned below: 

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Market research 
  3. Hire mobile app developers 
  4. Cross check idea
  5. Choose a platform for development 
  6. Build a tech stack 
  7. MVP Development 
  8. Create design for app
  9. Backend development
  10.  Pomodoro app testing 
  11. App deployment process 
  12. Maintenance 

So, these are the steps to create pomodoro timer app. And with this out of the way, let’s answer a big question i.e. cost to build a pomodoro timer application in the section below. 

Cost To Build A Pomodoro Timer App

The cost of building a Pomodoro Timer app can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the features, the platform(s) you choose to develop for (e.g., iOS, Android, web), and the resources you have available. If you’re working with a development team or outsourcing the project, it’s essential to consider their rates as well.

To give you a rough estimate, a basic Pomodoro Timer app with standard features can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. However, more complex apps with advanced functionalities and cross-platform compatibility can range from $20,000 to $50,000 or more.


Pomodoro timer apps are growing super popular these days. And in this blog, we discussed all you need to know about creating a market leading app for your own business. From ideation to deployment and maintenance we dicussed everything. Now, if you are someone who want to generate a lot in revenue via a similar app, it’s highly recommended that you consult a mobile app development company. And with this said, we are done with our blog. 

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