How Top Schools in Gurgaon Encourage Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities?

How Top Schools in Gurgaon Encourage Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities?

Gurgaon is a popular city located in the northern part of India. With the increase in settlements over the past few years in this city has resulted in a wide range of top-notch schools. All the schools you see brimming in Gurgaon are known for their academic excellence as well as for the overall development of the children. Present-day schools are keeping their focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The schools have understood the importance of these skills. These skills help students analyze different situations, make informed decisions, and come up with innovative solutions to resolve the situations. 

According to the one of the top Schools in Gurgaon, “Pragyanam School”, both critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are the necessities every student should learn and it’s the responsibility of schools to inculcate these abilities in children. Let’s discuss how Pragyanam is nurturing children with these skills and making them the future champions of this century. 

Ways Schools Are Encouraging Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Abilities:

  1. Encouraging Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is one of the ways through which schools are now encouraging students to inculcate critical thinking. It is a method or can be called a teaching method in which students are encouraged to ask questions and find answers through experimentation and exploration. Top schools are using the inquiry-based learning method to teach their students critical thinking skills. The teachers also provide students with opportunities that let them explore concepts of every subject in detail, ask questions and then come up with their own hypotheses. This way children also get a challenge to find solutions that helps them face real-world problems. 

By encouraging inquiry-based learning amongst students, educators actually create an environment. 

that develops the ability to question things in the students. Ultimately it makes students lifelong learners who can easily navigate complex situations, think critically with all the problem-solving strategies, and then apply their knowledge and skills in meaningful ways. 

  1. Emphasis on Collaboration

Collaboration is an imperative skill that is highly important nowadays, especially in workplaces. The schools have understood this, and this is the reason they have begun to put a large emphasis on collaboration. The teaching methods of major schools in Gurgaon have started emphasizing collaboration in education because it brings together students with different backgrounds and perspectives. Additionally, teachers also encourage students to work in groups, solve problems, complete projects, and learn from each other. 

By emphasizing collaboration in the classrooms, the teachers create an environment that nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The students also learn to think critically and keep in mind different perspectives, work collaboratively and communicate effectively when it comes to solving complex problems. In the end, we must understand that collaboration is one of the key skills that help students become real heroes in the real world as well as in the academic world. 

  1. Promoting Creativity

The schools have understood once concept that creativity and critical thinking go hand in hand. The schools have recognized this and have provided students with a wide range of opportunities that help them express themselves in the most creative ways. Schools offer classes like music, art and drama. All these skills stimulate students to approach different problems and help them find unique ways to overcome obstacles. These creativity classes conducted in schools also help develop problem-solving abilities. 

By promoting creativity, teachers empower students to think outside the box and then make them independent thinkers who are in future able to tackle complex challenges. In addition to that, according to various teaching experts, creativity fosters a sense of curiosity amongst students that enables them to ask questions, experiment with different things and embrace a growth mindset. Creativity is a great skill that should be prioritized by every school. 

  1. Encouraging Independent Thinking

When it comes to helping children develop their problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities, teachers must actively promote autonomous thought. It encourages students to take charge of their education. It encourages kids to actively engage in problem-solving activities, actively investigate and follow their own interests, and build their own distinct perspectives. By requiring students to challenge presumptions, analyze the facts, and make their own well-reasoned judgements, this autonomy promotes critical thinking. Teachers in schools teach pupils to think critically, examine ideas, and challenge presumptions. 

Teachers provide their students with the chance to discuss, express their ideas, and support their claims. Students get the ability to think critically and solve problems in this way. Teachers can help pupils develop their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities by encouraging autonomous thought. They provide an atmosphere that encourages intellectual independence, initiative, and curiosity, enabling students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully negotiate the difficulties of the outside world.

5- Building Independent Thinkers 

Putting a strong emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, Pragyanam is one of the best “emerging schools in India 2023” awarded by the BW world that follows a life skills-based curriculum that builds students who are prepared for the future. The school comprises both non-academic activities and academics that are designed to meet the developmental needs of the students. Overall, supportive learning environment cultivates autonomous minds through its Life Skills Based Curriculum, ensuring that students become champions of their lives. 

  1. Use of Technology

Students’ ability to solve problems and think critically can be considerably aided using technology in the classroom. Technology provides a variety of immersive and interactive tools that actively include students in the learning process and foster higher-order thinking abilities. We all would agree to the fact that technology has become an integral part of our lives and every school should involve it in their teaching methods. They make learning more dynamic and interesting for pupils by using technology. Students have access to a variety of online tools and resources that aid in their research, data analysis, and report writing. 

By offering adaptive feedback and specialized information, technology can personalize the educational experience. Students receive quick feedback on their development, which aids them in identifying their strengths, shortcomings, and areas in need of development and improves their problem-solving abilities. Whenever you plan for the best school for admission , make sure you see whether the school is equipped with the latest technology or not. 


In Conclusion, we can say that all the top schools are doing a great job when it comes to fostering children with critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. From using the right teaching methods to implementing the above-mentioned recommendations, schools with the help of their educators are encouraging great skills amongst students and that too from an early age. By providing students with these essential skills, these schools are preparing them for success in the real world.


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